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The Truth About Elephants in Uganda

Can You Differentiate Between a Male and a Female Elephant?

While on your Uganda safari tour / Uganda gorilla safari tour, you shouldn’t miss to see African elephants the largest land mammals on Earth.

Uganda safarisWhen you see elephants, wondering what gender they might be, you can’t spot any clearly male or female organs, you can still make a good guess based on other visual clues.

Male African elephants are significantly larger and taller than females.

Both genders grow ivory tusks, which are actually elongated incisor teeth. But the male’s tusks are longer and heavier than Females’ tusks.

Females are very social, living together in the same herd for their whole lives. The oldest female is always the leader of the herd which consists and consists of related females and their offspring. All these mature females cooperate together in raising elephant calves.

When male elephants reach sexual maturity, they leave the herd. In other words, Male elephants always lead solitary lives and only associate with other males.

Female elephants do not compete with each other for mates. But male begin engaging in dominance behavior as soon as they reach sexual maturity.

The color of their skin always depends to where you find them. Some are green, others brown and others black.

In Uganda elephants are found in Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National Park.

However, on your Gorilla tracking safari in Uganda / Uganda gorilla safari in Bwindi impenetrable, you might be lucky and find elephants in the forest.

A Rwanda safari tour is also a great opportunity to see this largest land mammal in East Africa.

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