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The Travel Requirements of Uganda

The destination Uganda is among the prime destinations in the region with great deal of tourism products that impressively attract world travellers to plan safaris to Uganda.

Despite the fact that the safari in Uganda would be a leisure encounter, the nation still features minimum requirements for the incoming travelers to satisfy before they have their blast in the country.

As a result, exploring the travel requirements of Uganda presents an ideal ground through which the world travelers set themselves fully for the remarkable safari experience.

From mountain gorillas to people, Uganda stands in justification of her crown as the Pearl of Africa. The habitat of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park features a minimum of 400 mountain gorilla population while the protected area of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is part of the greater massif of Virunga that shelters a count of 480 mountain gorilla population which in turn makes the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda a flourishing endeavor that everyone has to partake.

Uganda also has other great products besides gorillas. The great counts of wildlife that thrive in various savannah parks in the country including Lake Mburo, the Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley and the Murchison Falls present remarkable wildlife safaris in Uganda.

This comes on top of myriad tribal and cultural traditions since Uganda is among the most heterogeneous countries in Africa with over 65 tribes.

The great deal of heritage sites dating far back to the prehistoric era when the Pygmy group was widely spread in the region and later the great semi-god people – the Bachwezi combines to make the Uganda safari worth undertaking.

The travel requirements to Uganda are not all that complex and travellers from various corners of the world would always find them favorable.

One of the vital issues is the possession of a valid passport copy with 6 valid months and one space where a visa can be stamped upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport or another authorized point of entry into Uganda.

Besides the passport, Uganda gives her tourist visa at $100 and travelers willing to do Uganda safaris but not from exempted nations have to meet this visa cost.

The exempted ones include those in the partner states of East African Community which include Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi, the COMESA members like Angola, Eritrea, Madagascar, Swaziland, Zambia, Comoros, Seychelles, Kenya Mauritius and Zimbabwe and other countries like St. Vincent-Tonga, Fiji, Grenada, Antigua, Barbados, Lesotho, , The Grenadines, Sierra Leone, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Cyprus, Ghana, Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, Singapore, Gambia and Malta.

Even for the passport document, the citizens of the northern Corridor Integration partner states of the East African Community have access to Uganda using the national Identity Cards and then they obtain the admissible temporary document to allow them traverse the country.

The Uganda Visa can also be applied for at the local Ugandan embassy / Consulate in the country of origin.

But whatever the method that one wishes to use, Uganda does not require advance application for her tourist Visa.

The vaccination against yellow fever is greatly recommended and travelers including those on safari to Uganda tend to carry the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate as a proof of their vaccination.

The Ugandan Tourist Visa is designed to last three (3) months though it does not allow the holder to engage in any paid or voluntary employment.

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