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The Rwandan Traditional Food – Rwanda Safari News

Rwanda has a lot of different food stuffs that tourists enjoy while on their Rwanda tours. These have different local names that tourists always note down and try speaking them while on their tours in Rwanda.

These include Isombe which contains cassava leaves, egg plant and spinach, they have Umutsima which is cassava with corn and Mizuzu which is fried plantains on addition to others.

As tourists go to safari Rwanda they find different kinds of food which they enjoy.

There is difference between towns and villages. In villages people normally have breakfast of porridge mixed with milk together with sweet potatoes.

They have simple lunch and dinner. This makes tourists happy because they feel Rwandese while on their Rwanda safaris.

Those who stay in Kigali and the nearby urban centers usually eat bread and milk for their breakfast and they have cassava, boiled beans, sweet potatoes, bananas for their lunch and dinner.

Some of them have cattle but do not use it for meat because they take them for tradition. This is so unique to the tourists who come for Rwanda visits.

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