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The Rising Mountain Gorilla Population Impresses Travelers in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

gorillas of rwanda

In the steep slopes of the verdant forest in the depth of the destination Rwanda frequented by Rwanda gorilla safari undertakers, the mountain gorillas appear both intimidating and endearing.

The traveler is always bewildered by options of either shying away or reaching out to them for a hug (with the latter being totally prohibited) when the mountain gorilla walks past him / her.

The way of mountain gorilla snoozing, the leg scratching or posing an inquiring glance might all seem familiar but even wild.

One of the travelers on gorilla safari in Rwanda named John Scott noted that one might not tell what the gorillas are thinking. It is an adventure which takes back the time to the ancestral days when the ancestors of the two used to thrive together.

This kinship sense explains why the increasing counts of travelers connect to the heart of Africa also known as the land of a thousand hills to undertake a memorable a reuniting trek in the ancient habitats of Africa where their long lost cousins remained millions of years ago.

Fortunately, this trek has not only worked for the increase of mountain gorilla population but also has nourished the local and national economy. Equally, these people can be a threat to gorilla existence since some of the human diseases can be transferred to mountain gorillas directly.

It can be noted that in the past, these giant apes were surrounded by a tragedy of decreasing populations arising from the habitat encroachment by humans, poaching and illness.

The change of this trend with a positive curve with the population of over 880 mountain gorillas apparently in the three adjoining states can be considered a new dawn in their world.

In the destination Rwanda, conservation is considered a big business. It breeds gorilla safaris in Rwanda and these safaris attract revenue to the country.

It can be noted that a gorilla permit for each person goes for $750 and a count of eight people are allowed to track one gorilla family. Since Rwanda features ten groups of gorillas that are habituated, it can be observed that the country reaps happily.

The 5% of the income generated from each gorilla permit is dedicated to the local communities that surround the protected area to assist in direct community projects development. This makes Rwanda safaris not only relevant to the state but also the local people themselves.

Considering the fact that over 20,000 people undertook a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda in the year 2014 which is close to 3 times to the numbers of 2003, gorilla tourism in Rwanda is destined for greater heights.

These travellers come from Australia, USA, Germany, Britain and Canada.
Simple but important rules are always availed to the travelers who are set to meet the gorilla including avoiding pointing, loud speaking, flash photography, coughing or sneezing in the direction of gorillas and maintaining the 7m gap from the apes.

In case the gorilla draws closer, the traveler as to crouch down, avoid eye contact and make a low sound as if clearing the throat that gorillas apply to demonstrate friendliness.

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