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The Plea to Turn Pian Upe into a National Park

Positioned to the North eastern direction of Uganda, Pian Upe Game Reserve is a rich protected area that has always mesmerized the range of travelers on wildlife safaris and tours in Uganda.

It has been in existence since 1958 when its southern sector was declared a Debasien Animal Sanctuary and it is in the year 1964 that Pian Upe was declared a game reserve following an extension to the northern sector.

From that year, Pian Upe has operated under the same status until today despite its rich potential to become a National Park and one of the leading Uganda Safari sites.

The advocates from the region where Pian Upe Game Reserve is located are extending their plea to the government to declare it a National Park so as to gain ground for multiplying Uganda tour arrivals in the area that is not only rich in wildlife but also culture and adventure.

The Eastern Entrepreneurs Network President Mr. Isaiah Obwoya notes that the region is incapacitated by limited publicity that has left many of its wonders including Mount Elgon with its world’s largest caldera, Sipi Falls, Mount Wanale, Imbalu festival, Coffee plantations and wildlife in Pian Upe rarely known to the potential world travelers interested in taking up Safaris to Uganda.

Pian Upe Game Reserve is a verdant natural landscape notable for its impressive wildlife Species among which include; Common Eland, the Plains and Grant’s gazelle, the Spotted Hyenas, Jackals, Leopards, Oribi, Topis, Roan Antelope, Buffalo, Civets, Aardvark, Four toed Hedgehog, Porcupine, Rock Hyrax, Mountain and Bohor Reedbuck and the Klipspringer.

The Reserve is also rich in reptiles including Savannah lizards, the rock pythons, puff adders and the Common Agama not forgetting Chameleons.

The flora element in Pian Upe Game Reserve is also very amazing marked by extensive wooded and open grassland, patches of Kopjes and riverine woodland and the tree species featured include; desert date, the red acacia, red spike thorns, Harrisonia Abyssinica among others that combine to generate lasting memories for travelers on Uganda Safaris and tours.

The advocates are requesting the government to fast track its plans of declaring and restocking the Pian Upe Game Reserve as a National Park to stimulate tourism development in the area. If declared, the region will be featuring three National Parks along with Kidepo Valley and Mount Elgon – something that will likely increase the odds of visiting the region.

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