meseumRwanda has good news for the tourists who want to have safaris to Rwanda. Here is the new museum that is to be launched on July 4th in Kigali. The museum has very many attractions that tourists will like seeing while on their Rwanda safaris. This is therefore included on the must visit tourist attraction sin Rwanda.

The new Museum is located on the National parliament in Kigali and this therefore gives tourists on Rwanda safari a chance to safari two places at ago. As tourists will be visiting the parliament of Rwanda, they will also have the opportunity to visit the new museum as well without walking long distances. This will therefore make their safaris in Rwanda easy therefore having a good time in Rwanda.

The new museum will be launched on the date that marks the 20th anniversary after the end of the genocide. The genocide is the period when many innocent people lost their lives during the 100 days in Rwanda. These people are always remembered in Rwanda and therefore the new Museum has very many remains of the genocide like the gains and the statues of some people of the people who were killed. Therefore tourists on their Rwanda safaris will have a chance to see these different attractions of Rwanda.

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