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The Lions of Uganda

tree climbing lion in Ishasha sector ugandaScientifically referred to as Panthera Leo, the lions are notable wild animals that have for long been known for their mighty strength and fierceness in the ancient African wild and in contemporary times a remarkable African safari adventure offer widely explored in Africa including wildlife Safaris in Uganda.

The Panthera Leo thriving along with the African elephant (Loxodonta africana), black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis), Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) and the leopard (Panthera pardus) were crowned the African Big Five by the ancient big game hunters arising out of the difficulty that they present while being hunted on foot.

The notable King of the Jungle is indeed a great animal that can be hunted anyhow on foot as it does not only have the capacity to kill a human being but to prey on him also.

The lions are challenging to hunt considering the temperament and the habitat in which they thrive in. The lions are notably thriving in the savannah vegetation where the tall grass, the bushes and shrubs opaque them thus providing camouflage and cover.

This at times makes them challenging to spot by the Uganda safari undertakers on game drives. It can be noted that even though the lions tend to desist from confrontation, they normally face the challenger.The lion belong to the Kingdom Animalia, the Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, the Order Carnivora, Family Felidae, the Sub family Pantherinae, the Genus Panthera and Species Panthera Leo.

They feature a considerable size with the male lions weigh up to 250kg making them second to Tiger in the family of Cats.

The lions are apparently thriving in the Sub Saharan Africa and are noted to have faced extinction the North Africa and the parts of Asia in the historic era.

The reduction in the population of lions is notably attributed to the loss of habitat and the conflict between them and the humans.

Uganda being part of the Sub Saharan Africa still features the population of lions in her savannah protected area including Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Kidepo Valley National Parks where they are always explored by travelers on safaris in Uganda.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is facing the decreasing lion trend with a drop of 30% over 10 years while Kidepo features a positive trend with the lion population rising from 58 to 132 individuals over the past decade.

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