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The Kwita Izina Gone Regional – Rwanda Gorilla Safari News

Kwita Izina-rwanda The Kwita Izina literally giving a name is an annual Rwandan ceremony that is set to give names to the babies of mountain gorillas that are usually visited by world travelers on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.

The function which has received international attention over the years but has been only featuring on the national calendar of Rwanda is now going regional and being featured on the regional tourism calendar.

The Northern Integration Corridor of which Rwanda is among has worked on a range of projects including those in the tourism sector.

As a result the countries have gone ahead to identify their flagship events that would be dedicated for individual country marketing in the region.

Rwanda maintained its Kwita Izina Ceremony considering how it has positioned herself to the world travelers as the gorilla destination something that has promoted the travelers plan gorilla safaris to Rwanda.

Uganda chose the Uganda Martyrs event considering its uniqueness while Kenya went for the Kenya magical expo.

This indicates that the Kwita Izina ceremony is no longer a concern of Rwanda alone but also regional partners including Uganda.

The 2015 Kwita Izina Ceremony will be conducted on September 5th at Kinigi which is the headquarters for the Volcanoes National Park that is always encountered in Rwanda gorilla safaris and tours.

Running under the theme, Conserving now and for the future, the event can be seen as a dedicated move towards gorilla conservation.

During the event, 24 gorilla babies will be celebrated and as thus will be named. The community efforts towards conservation will be acknowledged.

As a result of the event going regional, various operators are putting it to the market as one of their products that they can sell in the region and the outside world. The event is seen as ideal opportunity for networking and as a Rwanda safari product in its self.

The range of other activities will be incorporated in the event including the Inka Z’URwanda, a cultural ceremony that focused on the significance of cows in the Rwanda a tradition and their significance on the social well being of the Rwandese.

The Inka Z’Urwanda will be commemorated in the Eastern Province.
Other activities to be featured include the Conservation Forum, a business exhibition, photo exhibition, regional business to business forum, a familiarization trip along with the launch of the Community Igitaramo and the Community project.

The Kwita Izina awards will also be given out in commemoration of the efforts of local conservationists’ contribution to the conservation of wildlife in Rwanda which has in turn ensured the flourishing of safaris in Rwanda.

Rwanda is expected to carry out Mountain gorilla census under the Trans boundary elaboration arrangement.

This will give the exact figure of mountain gorillas that exist in Rwanda. It is estimated that between 2003 and the year 2010, the mountain gorilla population rose by 26.3%.

The current statistics give the mountain gorilla populations at 880 living in the four national parks of which two are in Uganda namely; Bwindi and Mgahinga and others namely; Volcanoes and Virunga National Parks are in Rwanda and Congo respectively.

These species are listed as critically endangered under the IUCN red list and as thus such efforts like the Kwita Izina Ceremony can be seen as a positive step to their increased counts.

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