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The Kigali Based Turkish Embassy Starts Visa Issuing

The trade and travel relations between Turkey and Rwanda are destined to spur further following the move to issue the visas to Turkey by the Embassy of Turkey in Kigali.

It can be noted that the Rwandans have been getting the Visa from Turkish embassy based in Kampala Uganda other than Kigali but with the new arrangement, everything will be sorted out in Kigali.

The Turkish Embassy will be issuing the Visas at its offices along Kagugu Road KG426 No: 8 in the suburb of Nyarutarama Kigali City – the main gateway for Rwanda safari undertakers.

The move to have Visas issued in Rwanda has been welcomed with two hands by a range of operators including the Turkish Airlines General Manager Omer Faruk Korkmaz as it would make travel between these countries easier.

The economic relations between these two states are believed to increase with more Rwandans traveling to Turkey which will in turn create a linkage and have the Turkish also travel to Rwanda including taking up Rwanda safaris.

Apparently, Rwanda Development Board already has over $400 million investment projects in the last three years from the Turkish people while the Rwanda Exports to destination Turkey have spurred to $8.5 million per annum.

However, the imports double the exports which seem to be very unfortunate and the leveling of travel flow for the Rwandan traders would help to reduce the gap.

Already the business council has been put in place by the two countries with the intention of harmonizing the gap through co-ordination, trade promotion, sharing of knowledge, skills and information.

The Visa requirements include; National ID, passport, 2 photos along with other things that may be necessitated by the Turkish Embassy and at least one month advance application is advisable.

The flight booking is of course among the requirements. However, those with USA, Schengen, United Kingdom or Ireland residence and/ or Visa through planned stay in Turkey can secure their Visa   on line at a cost of $30 for Single entry.

Rwanda has increased her visibility world over and the trend in her economic progress keep her a darling to many including investors while her stand on conservation especially mountain gorillas have inspired the same to take up gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.

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