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The Impact of VAT on Water to the Development of Tourism in Uganda.

Water is so important in the development of the tourism industry, since most of sectors of the tourism industry depend on water as a resource.

These sectors include the accommodation sector like the Hotels, lodges and guest house, the wildlife in the parks also depends on water for their living.

This has also helped top maintain wildlife habitats hence attracting more safaris to Uganda.In order to reduce on the costs to the tourism sector, the parliament has asked the government of Uganda to drop the introduction of 18% vat on water, they say, that this will help in promoting and encouraging new investors to come and put money in the tourism sector which will later help in increasing the safaris in Uganda.

This type of tax on water will affect the people who are poor and they are living in the urban areas that will not be able to access water due to the increased costs.

This will not only affect the people but also the tourists who will come for Uganda safaris, since they will be asked to pay more than what they expected to pay.

The other effect of this introduced Vat on water is that, it will be expensive for protected areas especially that harbour many wild animals to be able to get enough water to provide to the animals, which will bring about reduction in the number of animals due to drought hence leading to reduced numbers of safari visits to Uganda.

In order to avoid problems with the tourism sector, the vat should only be introduced to piped water and not borehole water and other water bodies, this will help to provide enough water to the animals hence serving them from facing extinction with in their habitants, which will help to increase the number of safari tours to Uganda.

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