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The Impact of Domestic Tourism in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

Rwanda’s tourism industry is growing at a faster speed and this has been demonstrated through the economic advancement which is taking place with in the country.

Domestic tourism in Rwanda has been encouraged by the government since the local people of Rwanda can also participate in the safari tours which are carried out in Rwanda.

Development of domestic tourism in the country will help in providing employment opportunities to the local people and this helps them to engage directly in tourism hence increasing the love for tourism, thus leading sustainable tourism with in the country.

This also helps in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda.

Development of Domestic tourism with in the country also helps in the identification of the tourism potentials with in the country.

This helps in selling these products to the tourists who come for safari visits to Rwanda. The participation of the local people in the tourism development is so important since it leads to the conservation and preservation of the wildlife and the National Parks.

Many tourists have traveled to Rwanda in order to engage in safaris and these have enjoyed the many gorilla safaris which are carried out with Rwanda, there are also the chimpanzee safaris which are loved by the tourists as well as the local people who engage in domestic travel with in the country, there are also cultural tours and visits, wildlife tours and many more which have continued to attract more tourists to come for safari tours to Rwanda.

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