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The Ideal Time for Gorilla Trekking is on


When you talk of gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, one wonders what could be the best time to take up this world’s remarkable adventure!

The months of January and February are surely among the best months in which gorilla trekking in Uganda can be undertaken.

The habitats in which these critically endangered species dwell are much forested featuring very rugged landscapes receiving plenty of rainfall for the most part of the year.

This at times poses a challenge among the travelers on Uganda gorilla safari as they endeavour to trek through the slippery and muddy surfaces while on the search for the Mountain Gorillas.

The mentioned months are like those of June through July to August where the rainfall is limited and thus such forested areas feature dry surfaces that are easy to trek making it the ideal period for a Uganda gorilla trek.

Gorilla tracking in Uganda is carried out in two National Parks namely; Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla where a range of gorilla groups have been habituated for human visitation.

Bwindi alone features a minimum of 400 Mountain Gorillas while Mgahinga Gorilla is part of the greater Virunga massif where the remaining population of 480 Mountain Gorillas are known to be thriving.

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