mountain gorillaUganda has a good vegetation that is full of plants and trees therefore providing food to the gorillas and other wild animals. This makes gorillas healthy therefore leading to more gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda. The green plants are found in every many part of Uganda therefore the animals feed from wherever they move .

Gorillas and other wild life animals feed on green pastures, stems, fruits, leaves and so many green plants therefore these should be preserved so as to maintain the health of the gorillas. This will help to increase gorillas hence attracting more gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda and contributing a lot to the economy of Uganda.

Gorillas in Uganda are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Forest National Park which promotes more safaris in Uganda. These parks are safe to the gorillas and have good pastures for the gorillas to settle in these areas. This therefore attracts more tourists to come for gorilla safaris in these areas as they are the only habitats of the gorillas.

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