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The Gorillas of Buhoma – Uganda Gorilla Safari News

Located in the northern section of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is always encountered on gorilla safaris in Uganda, the Buhoma sector is one of the four sectors that form the destination Bwindi.

Buhoma is accessed through the northern route that passes through Rukungiri and Kanungu and eventually Butogota.

The Buhoma sector is noted to be the pioneer of the Uganda gorilla trekking safaris when one of its groups Mubare was opened up for gorilla trekking in the year 1993 following a two year habituation process.

As a result, the Buhoma gained popularity overtime and its reputation made a good representation world over prompting most travelers planning gorilla safaris to Uganda to prioritize tracking gorillas in Buhoma.

The sector which began with one gorilla family have developed over time to three gorilla families adding Habinyanja and Rushegura increasing the gorilla permits to 24 per day.

Considering its early opening, the Buhoma has enough and well-designed accommodation in all categories more than other sectors of the park.

The hills of Buhoma are dense forested and rise to considerable altitude just like the whole of Bwindi and denote the impenetrable naming.

Having a cross sectional view at them in the evening as you plan to undertake a gorilla trek in the next morning might prompt you to reconsider the activity in order to first ascertain some degree of fitness.

Whether you are allocated any of the three gorilla families, the experience is rewarding. Rushegura is accessed by driving for about 15km to get to the trail head in Mukono though travelers can still start at the assembly point.

The Rushegura boasts of 18 members which have increased from the original 8 when the group parted ways with Habinyanja in February 2002.

Mubare gorilla group is the pioneer group to be habituated and opened for tracking in 1993 and apparently has 9 members.

While Habinyaja Gorilla Family involve driving for about 45minutes to the trail head at a place called Nyamishaba and was opened for tracking in the year 1999. Initially, it was a big group but reduced to break from Rushegura.

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