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The Effect of Civil Wars to the Development of Tourism – Uganda Safari News

mountain gorillasCivil wars are so dangers to the prosperity of the tourism sector with in the country. This is because many tourists are discouraged to come for safaris in such countries. this has affected the revenues of the country. There are many damages which are brought about by wars, these include;

Disruption of the service delivery within the hotel sector, the hotels in all the countries can be greatly affected since they suffer massive losses due to the continuous cancellations of the bookings by the tourists; other stakeholders who are in the tourism sector can suffer from the wars since their services come to a standstill.  This also affects the tourism sector since the number of safaris decreases.

Civil war affects the tourism sector since it brings about un employment, this comes about when many people who are directly or indirectly employed with in the tourism sector lose their jobs.

These include all the employees in the sector such as hospitality elements, airlines, travel agencies, and many other sectors. This has got a major impact to the tourism since it contributes high revenues to the country.

There is also the destruction of the attraction sites with in the country. Wars have greatly destroyed attraction sites especially the geographical terrains which have many tourist attractions.

The tourism sector may take long to recover from such tremor hence leaving nothing for the tourists to see when they come for safaris to Uganda or any other country affected by war.

There will also be a standstill of all operating airlines to travel to such country. This is so hard since most of the tourists who travel to tourist destinations use airlines and complemented with other means of transport.

This affects safaris since it might take long to resume operating flights hence affecting tourism development.

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