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The East African Single Tourist Visa to be Audited – Uganda Safari News

East Africa Tourist Visa

East African single Tourist Visa which was adopted by the destinations of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya aimed at creating a common destination where travelers on safaris in the region including safaris in Uganda can have a chance of extending to other neighboring countries without buying other visas.

The initiative has been seen as a perfect move to promoting the region as single tourism destination other than distinct fragmented units.

The region has got a lot of similar tourist products including the Uganda safari products such as amazing wild game which is also present in Kenya and Tanzania not forgetting the critically endangered mountain gorillas usually encountered on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

However, since the inception of this initiative in February last year, its take up has not been to the maximum despite it being cost effective.

The players in this initiative have resolved to carry out an audit its performance. The baseline survey also has an interest in the usage of national IDs for citizen cross boarder travel in the three states.

The proposed audit is aimed at identifying the gaps in the initiative which in turn will present a range of opportunities for government agencies and operators.

The current report from Kenyan Authorities indicate that only 1,560 single tourist visas were sold as at December despite the enormous numbers that undertook safaris in the region including safaris and tours in Uganda in the year 2014.

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