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The Dynamics of Gorilla Trekking in Uganda in Uganda

Uganda gorilla safaris are undertaken by visitors with diverse interests among which include physical ones. Some prefer to trek further while others would rather reach the gorilla group easier.

Of course being nature, no one guarantees the duration which either of the trekking options would take but projections are made depending on the last location of the gorilla group.

Travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda can place their request to the park warden through their respective guide to be allocated in either a close or a distant gorilla group and at the discretion of the warden, the response might be positive or negative depending on the circumstances.

In the Uganda gorilla trekking safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the regions of Ruhija and Rushaga apparently feature gorilla groups that are considered easy to trek.

Bitukura gorilla group in Ruhija to the east of Bwindi and Bweza Gorilla group in Rushaga to the south of Bwindi are relatively ideal for travellers with mobility issues.

While Nkuringo gorilla family to the south west of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is known for its adventure experience and thus suitable for those on adventure vacation safaris in Uganda.

However, even in other regions like Buhoma along with Ruhija and Rushaga there are those distant groups that can actually make the trek a bit longer.

But the fact is that the gorilla trekking duration is unpredictable and that’s why it’s considered a whole day activity ranging from 2 – 8 hours.

At times, the gorilla family which was close can start moving when you are almost approaching it and thus making the trek longer.

The gorilla family can as well be attacked by a wild gorilla group messing up the whole plan. But these are rare occurrences that can be given a benefit of doubt.

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