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The Different Gorilla Families in Uganda – Uganda Gorilla Safari News

For any traveler who decides to take on a Safari to Uganda, they should be rest assured that Uganda safaris are the elaborate option for tasting any Adventure Vacation Safari in Uganda, as it will take you through the major Safari options ranging from gorilla safaris, mountain hiking safaris, bird watching, Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris, etc.

The Destination of Uganda is located in the Eastern Part of the African continent and is bordered by several states like; Kenya in the western hemisphere, Sudan to the north, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West and Tanzania to the south.

It is well blessed with incompatible wildlife sights, and majorly, the famous Uganda Gorilla Trekking safaris only take place in these parks:

Mgahinga National park Uganda – this is perfect location for bomber Uganda Gorilla Safari. The Park has one famous Gorilla Habituated Family – The Nyakagezi – with 10 habituated members.

The advantage comes with these gorillas being mostly in an open space, making them easy to track, and even more satisfying to see clearly.

In the same park, you will see fantastic scenery, enormous volcano treks and clever incredible birding opportunities like the sights of the love red tufted malachite sunbird and the rwenzoro turaco.

Another park that gives a traveler on Uganda Safaris an amazing, unforgettable Gorilla Safari is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Uganda – it is famous so as to gorilla safaris as it has a total of 8 habituated Gorilla Families / Groups tracked by visitors on a daily basis

The southern Bwindi proudly boasts of 3 big Gorilla groups, the Nshongi Group Family located in Nshogi/Rushaga, is the largest with a total of 25 members under the leadership of 2 male silverbacks.

Then the second in size is the Nkuringo Gorilla Family, and comprises of 18 members with 2 Silverbacks. Its located in Nkuringo.

Thirdly comes the Mishaya Gorilla Family, also located in Nshongi/Rushaga, and comprises of 12 members with 1 Silverback.

In the northern Bwindi national park Uganda, there is the Bitukura Group, located in Ruhija, is the most recent habituated gorilla family that part of Bwindi.

The fact that it has a total of four Silverbacks makes it one of the most attractive groups in the region, with Ndahura the second youngest silverback as the leader, and has a total of 13 members.

The Oruzogo Gorilla Family, located in Ruhija – Buhoma, comprises of 16 members headed by 1 silverback.

The Oruzogo group is among the most recent groups habituated for gorilla trekking, with Tibirikwata in the leadership as the dominant silverback.

The Habinyanja Group Family, in Buhoma comprises of 20 members with 2 Silverbacks

Rushegura Group Family, also located in Buhoma Comprises of 20 members with 1 Silverback.

Mubare Group Family, located near the park headquarters at Buhoma, is the smallest gorilla family in Bwindi with 6 members under the leadership of 1 Silverback.

It is so important for any traveler on a Uganda Safari to take on a Gorilla Safari to Uganda, as with the presence of all these Gorilla Families, there is a higher chance of spotting them with ease.

Gorillas in Africa can also be encountered by partaking Congo Gorilla Safaris, or even Rwanda Gorilla Safaris, as the gorillas only thrive in these three countries.



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