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The Day Break at Sezibwa Falls

The Sezibwa Falls is located in the district of Mukono about 40kms from kampala towards the eastern direction.

It is one of the thrilling Uganda safari attractions that present a memorable day break encounter for someone that would have interest in getting away from the bustling city  life of Kampala.

The site which is geologically a water fall has got a great culture attached at it. The twin born river is believed to have been born by Nalongo who instead of giving birth to live babies, she gave birth to a stream and this stream separated upon birth forming the two twin streams that flow up to today and can be encountered by travelers on Uganda safaris and tours.

The Sezibwa falls has thus had a considerable traditional significance of the Baganda and the Kings of Buganda could visit it for religious and recreational aspects.

The falls which force their way through the huge rocks fall several meters down the small pool before forming a thunderous roar that it is worthy exploring.

The locals because of their traditional attachment to it would offer sacrifices including chicken, animals among others as a ways of pleasing their ancestral spirits.

These cultural formations are still visible at the site even up to day. Taking a day break to the site would definitely expose you to this memorable encounter.

This at times has always inspired the world travelers to include Sezibwa in the list of what to visit while planning safaris to Uganda.

There are a range of activities that can make your day at Sezibwa Falls. These include; the guided nature walks that offers you an encounter with the primary tropical forest where possibilities of seeing vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys along with butterflies and a range of snakes such as the Green Mamba.

There is also bird watching encounter where 120 bird species are noted to be on the site. Sezibwa Falls also provides a rich study center for students and other researchers.

The rich culture at Sezibwa Falls is beyond the ordinary. The local people that live around it have got impressive traditions that are worth exploring.

The adventurous rock climbing and biking combine to make your tour to Sezibwa as a day break or as part of your itinerary while on Uganda safari tour memorable.

Ssezibwa Falls is 2km off Jinja road to the trading center of Kayanja and if you wish to spend an overnight at the site, Sipi Falls Resort is there to offer an impressive overnight stay.

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