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The Batwa Heritage Trail in Mgahinga National Park

The Batwa pygmies in Uganda are a traditional community that lives in the outskirts of Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks.

This trail established by the Uganda Wildlife Authority was a project to restore dignity and hope of the Batwa culture and their tradition.

It’s an amazing Batwa led Uganda cultural tour experience to the legendary past of this indigenous tribe.

The guiding during this Uganda safari activity by the local Twa themselves giving more explanation about their life style and how they used to dwell and adopt the forest conditions before they were forcefully let out from Mgahinga forests to pave way for conservation.

Mgahinga forest used to be their home, and source of livelihood where they stayed and as well depended on the benefits of this forest such as fruit gathering, hunting and searching for the herbs to harvest in case of sickness.

The walk through the Batwa trail takes about 6 – 7 hours exploring not only the heritage of the Batwa but also the surrounding lush natural flora and fauna.

This trail is an amazing and incredible encounter where you will traverse a thick forest of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park as you discover the ancient home of the enthusiastic Batwa people. The Twa guides demonstrate for you several hidden traditions unique to these people that you will find unimaginable. They could also harvest herbs for medicine and honey from the forest, fetched water using bamboo mug and demonstrating how they used to build nice grass thatched huts for their shelter. It is one of the incredible cultural experiences explored on holiday tours in Uganda.

While on this Batwa trail tour, you also have a chance to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Garama cave. This tour is finalized with a cultural tale of the Batwa as you enter the sacred Garama cave which was a once a refuge for Batwa with dim luminous light and its darkness embraces a visitor to imagine the mournful chant of the twa women as they mourned for the loss of their beloved ones during war times. This beautiful and amazing cave symbolizes the pride of the batwa people as well as their safe haven during tough times.

The Batwa heritage trail can be incorporated in the Uganda gorilla trekking safari to Mgahinga to derive a diverse experience.

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