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The Adventure Hike to Mount Bisoke – Rwanda Safari News

North Western Rwanda seems to be a site for wonders! Besides being the only destination for Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda, the area presents an adventurous volcano hiking experience to Bisoke Mountain.

Bisoke Volcano which is among the eight fascinating Virunga Mountain chain straddling across Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, presents an exciting adventure day hike ideal for most of the world travelers on Adventure Vacations in Rwanda Uganda.

Rising to 3,711m above sea level, Bisoke Mountain is shared by Rwanda and Congo but the peak is on the Rwandan Side. This scenic Rwanda Safari feature is noted to have last erupted in the year 1957 and features the largest Crater Lake on the massif.

The hike to Bisoke involves traversing the dense covered equatorial forest slopes along with alpine meadows before approaching the summit which is always masked in fog other than snow.

The trek is a remarkable journey to the wonders as some have had chances of enjoying the unexpected views of Mountain Gorillas – the members of Great Apes considered critically endangered world over while the Dian Fossey Research station and her tomb thrive in a saddle between Bisoke and Karisimbi Volcanoes.

The fame of Dian Fossey as regards the Mountain Gorilla research and conservation advocacy is a rich heritage that would make the site’s visit worthwhile. The sight of Lake Ngezi (3,000m) which was formed following the 1957 violent eruption is fascinating.

Bisoke Volcano hike is relatively challenging and thus offers an exciting adventure for even the first time hikers. The duration is normally 7 hours round trip but can be less or more depending on the fastness of the hiker.

At $75 per person, any traveler on Rwanda Safari Holiday can gather at Kinigi Park Headquarters at 7am before connecting to the trail head and start on the encounter. Sufficient drinking water and lunch box should be carried along.


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