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The 2016 Buganda Tourism Expo Set for August 21th

buganda tourism expoThe Buganda Tourism Expo has over the recent years become one of the famous annual Uganda Safari tour events that have took the initiative to showcase the culture and heritage of Buganda Kingdom along with other tourism products that Uganda has to offer.

The 2016 expo Commenced on Aug 21st running through to Aug 28th in Lubiri grounds inside the Kingdom’s Palace, the Expo is expected to attract a myriad of participants comprising of the exhibitors and the visiting public among which will include those on safaris and tours in Uganda.

Running under the theme “Tourism is everybody’s Business”, the 2016 Buganda Tourism Expo will include the showcasing the 700 drums used in the traditional and cultural activities of Buganda, the two (2) Rolls Royce Cars that were used by Ssekabaka Muteesa II, the Buganda Clan exhibitions, the initial used by Baganda in the Pre-colonial Buganda and eventually the range of wildlife species kept at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre – famous Uganda tour site in Entebbe just 40km from Kampala.

Interestingly, this Expo is going regional if not International as a range of other foreign participants are expected in attendance including those from; Kenya, India, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi along with various European Embassies in Uganda

The Buganda Tourism Offices at the Bulange Building is still undertaking the registration of exhibitors while the entrance of the visitors will be limited to a fee of 3,000/=

Besides the movable artifacts that can be viewed at the exhibition, Buganda Kingdom features a range of heritage sites including the Royal Tombs at Kasubi, the King’s Coronation Site at Nagalabi, Wamara tombs, the Bulange Parliament, Kabaka’s lake among others that have got the capacity to attract the world travellers to plan cultural tours to Uganda.

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