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The 10 Best Uganda Safari Lodges in Murchison Falls National Park For Your Safari

Do you wish to visit Murchison Falls National Park but you aren’t sure where to stay? Well, don’t just give up on your hope to enjoy a stunning Uganda tour experience.

I am going to take you through a some of the best Uganda safaris lodges that will give you the best spot to relax while on a Uganda wildlife safari in Murchison Falls.

A Review of Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda safari to Murchison Falls National Park is every traveller must to do activity by many travel enthusiasts around the world given Murchison falls unique biodiversity.

This is based on the numerous attractions that you will encounter during your safari Uganda to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda.

These include African bush elephants, lions, leopards, cape buffaloes, giraffes, Jackson hartebeests, Uganda kobs, and many other antelope species can be sighted on your Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison falls, Murchison falls is home to 450 bird species hence making it a destination of choice to any birder out there.

In Murchison falls park southern sector, lies budongo forest which is home to numerous primates such as the chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys and pottos monkeys.

Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison falls park enables you explore the different parts of tropical paradise during the numerous activities you get to indulge in while on this safari to Uganda in this place.

Some of the activities you get to engage include a thrilling game drives which give you an encounter with the numerous savanna wild mammals such as the 5 big Africa game due to the presence of the adjacent Ziwa rhino sanctuary which has rhinos that are missing within the park its self other animals to look out for on this a visit to Murchison falls include the giraffes, the oribis and the Jackson hartebeests.

For birders, a Uganda birding safari to Murchison gives you an opportunity to spot several of the 450 bird species that call this place their home.

The highlight of a Uganda tour to Murchison falls is a boat cruise to the bottom of the mighty Nile river this cruise puts you on a collision coarse with the thunder roaring Murchison falls which is the first tell-tell sign as to why these falls are regarded as the world’s most powerful waterfalls.

A hike to the top of the falls gets really close to these magnificent falls and now you will be able to see the drama unfolding right in front of your eyes and millions of gallons of water wrestle nothing but its self as it passes through the 8 meter ravine before plumenting 46 meters below a cliff creating its signature rainbow sign that’s easily visible to you especially on sunny days.

Here Are Our Top 10 Uganda Safari Lodges in a Descending Order

  1. Twiga Safari Lodge/ hornbill bush lodge

As of recent Twiga tales lodges has experienced a rebranding process and its now referred to as hornbill bush lodge.

Hornbill bush lodge is located at the peripherals of the great Murchison falls national park. Although hornbill is a budget lodge it comes with spectacular African cottages that have ensuite facilities within them.

The cottages also offer a great view of the great tropical savanna wilderness hence giving you an encounter with some of the wild dwellers of this park from the comfort of your balcony which is a nice a way to relax.

Hornbill bush lodge is located about 372km from Kampala along Kampala Masindi Pakwach road. From the main road Hornbill safari lodge is about a 20 minutes drive. You can make reservations by writing an email info@twigatales.coM

9. Heritage Safari Lodge

Located on the northern bank of the Nile [Karuma-Arua road] in the place of origin of the Acholi tribe is Heritage Safari Lodge.

This is also the place where the ancient Acholi tribe first settled, in the fifteenth century, during the southward Luo migration from northwestern South Sudan.

According to the owner, William Olwoch-Lalobo – the location was carefully selected to be within 5 minutes – drive from Murchison Falls National Park, the largest national park in Uganda that gives ample opportunity for easy access to early morning and afternoon game viewing at the time providing the opportunity to allow for tourists to get back for lunch and have some rest.

The round hut at the lodge, called “0t”, was built using local wood and grass. The design is traditional and ethnic in character.

It is a low energy structure. The interior has been re-modelled in order to accommodate modern fixtures.

Heritage Safari Lodge cottages give guests 180-degree view; to the east, the early morning sun rise and hot spring, to the immediate south right in front of the cottages the hot spring as it flows into the Nile and to the west the Albert Nile its self with the community in their canoes going about their daily routine.

The cottages are designed to allow unique and flexible bedding arrangement to suit each guest’ unique requirements; single, double, triple, quadruple, family etc

8. Budongo Eco Lodge

Tucked away in the thick Budongo forest, Budongo eco-lodge is the ideal home away from home for the best lodging experience in this deciduous forest.

The lodge has a carrying capacity of 26 guests in their undeniably spacious 5 cabins with en suite bathrooms that have hot and cold water and extended balcony facing the unending forest canopy to give you the best view of some of the inhabitants to this pristine forest like the rare puvel’s illadopsis birds, pottos monkeys and the chimpanzees hence making it ideal for an epic Uganda chimpanzee safari. The lodge also offers 4 dormitories with 2 double-decker beds with common shared bathrooms.

The lodge is run basing on ecotourism principles so laundry will only be changed if you ask for it to be changed. Services and amenities here include a restaurant, camp fireplace to make you cosy and comfy during the chilly night, free wi-fii internet access. Prices in this lodge begin from 156$ per person per night

7. Fort Murchison Lodge

Owned by nature lodges, located on in the northern sector of the park around the Aswolin area, Fort Murchison lodge is built to pay homage to the Swahili outposts that were used by the early Arab traders that visited the interior of east Africa in the between the 15th– 19th centuries.

The lodge comes with 12 ensuite cottages with some of them being safari tents that have balconies with n overview of the great Nile river.

Apart from the main accommodation, Fort Murchison offers non-self-contained tents. These are comfortably furnished with 2 single beds with mosquito nets, a bedside table and a power outlet for charging your electrical equipment.

All tents are placed under a grass thatched roof which creates your private terrace and provides some welcome shade. The tents share a communal ablution block with showers and flushing toilets.

Fort Murchison also offers facilities like a restaurant, well-stocked bar, fireplace and free wi-fii internet access. Lodging here begins from 125$ for single room on bed and breakfast

6. Kabalega Wilderness Lodge

Kabalega wilderness lodge comes with some of the best luxury lodging facilities in this great paradise. It offers cabins in double and single occupancy with ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold water so that you can have a wild shower of your lifetime at no extra cost.

The rooms are also fitted with private balconies to give you an extension viewpoint from the comfort of your residence to the dramatic and unending wilderness action.

Being located near river Nile, please expect being checked on by your neighbors the hippos and our close cousins the monkeys and baboons sometimes the largest land-living mammal also wants to see what’s happening around your corner so they might just as well pass by but this shouldn’t get you rattled up about your safety because your safety is top priority while here so there are rangers keeping guard 24 hours to ensure that your wild visitors don’t cross their boundaries to cause you discomfort

  1. Pakuba Safari Lodge

Pakuba Safari Lodge The lodge also has a restaurant to cater to all your needs when it comes to meals, a swimming pool to have you relaxed as you sock in the enchanted wildlife action as it unfolds before you since the wild owners of the park such as giraffes, elephants and sometimes even the predators like leopards and spotted hyenas get to pay this lodge a visit.

On a stay in this lodge on either long Uganda tour or short Uganda safari, you’re assured of free wi-fii internet that’s accessed by in the lounge area.

A nice fireplace awaits to warm you up on a cosy evening as you get to sit under the open skies of Murchison that are filled with stars. Prices for lodging here is 236$ per person per night.

  1. Paara Safari Lodge

Paara safari lodge comes with myriad of 54 undeniably spacious guest rooms that have been crafted with  the idea of bringing our past exploration history to life with a modern twist added to it,  with en suite bathrooms and private balcony to give you a view point to the wild action beyond the boundaries of this lodge as wild game like buffaloes, elephants and baboons are always roaming in the neighborhood, you shouldn’t also be surprised to see the king of the jungle within the vicinity coming to pay you a visit to add to your mesmerization.

Other amenities and services include a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a well-stocked bar and free wi-fii internet access. Prices for lodging here begin from 336$ per person per night.

  1. Baker’s Lodge

Bakers LodgeDinner on the deck at Baker’s Lodge, as a kaleidoscope of colors, infuses the dusk sky.

Deriving its name from the historic English explorer Samuel Baker, Baker’s Lodge is situated on the southern bank of the mighty Nile River which transects Murchison Falls National Park.

This intimate, safari styled lodge is set within a large private area with direct river access, large shady trees and wetland areas hosting abundant birdlife along the water’s edge.

The views onto the river are vast and magnificent with islands hosting nesting egret birds, elephants bathing and pods of hippos regularly viewed.

Baker’s Lodge has spacious thatched safari suites each raised from the ground on supporting pillars with its own deck overlooking the river. The swimming pool area also offers a welcome option to cool off from the day’s activities and enjoy the sunset views.

  1. Nile Safari Lodge

Nile safari lodge comes to you with 6 wooden chalets and 6 luxury camping tents that offer a luxurious lodging experience as they are well spaced and have en suite bathrooms with both hot and cold running water. The lodge also offers amenities and services like an infinity swimming pool, a spa, well-stocked bar and restaurant that prepares some of the tastiest Ugandan cuisines that are made using the freshest ingredients that are carefully handpicked by the chefs from the lodge’s on-site garden and international dishes to crown your wilderness experience by making your taste buds happy.

This lodge has an exclusive honeymoon banda named MWEZI (Swahili word for Moon) which is the ultimate romantic getaway, accommodating couples in the elite banda suite. Its exclusivity is in its private plunge pool, king size star bed with a complementary view of the flowing River Nile. While the lodge’s Exclusive family banda named DUNIA (Swahili word for Earth) is the ideal option for larger groups. It accommodates four to eight guests.

  1. Chobe Safari lodge

We have finally come to the supreme of Uganda tour lodges in Murchison falls National Park and this is none other than Chobe Safari Lodge.

Chobe Safari was originally constructed in 1950s and at that time was one of the jewels in Uganda’s crown of tourism destinations. The panoramic views of the magnificent River Nile from the site offered a true sampling of the prime offerings of Uganda, coupled with the ample wildlife, birds, flora and fauna.

Speak of the ultimate luxury lodging experience, Chobe safari lodge is your perfect answer. The lodge comes with 36 standard guest rooms and the 21 luxury super deluxe tents that come with an array of privileges all aimed at giving you the ultimate luxury lodging experience you can ever get while on a Uganda safari tour to Murchison falls.

These rooms have been carefully crafted and designed with natural pristine wood furniture and the fittings have been designed using the best natural fabrics to give you the ultimate elegant bush experience.

The rooms have got en suite bathrooms fitted with hot and cold running water and big size bath tab for you to unwind in after your thrilling encounter with the wildlife.

If you feel you still need something more unique in terms of lodging, Chobe safari lodge still has got you covered with their 4 suites, and a presidential cottage to give you a presidential or celebrity style treatment.

Due to Chobe’s finest lodging experience, it has played host to a number of very important persons including celebrities like American rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian, the president of Uganda on numerous times has visited Chobe safari lodge with other official state dignitaries.

Other amenities and services here include a 5-star restaurant with seasoned and experienced chefs whose only satisfaction is derived from serving you a tasty meal from a variety of the Ugandan cuisines and international cuisines to complement your safari experience, a 3 tier swimming pool for you to cool off the savanna heat as marvel at the breathtaking beauty of this African savanna paradise, a well-stocked bar to serve with the best wines on the market, free Wi-Fi internet access and a fire place to warm you during the chilly nights. Prices for lodging here begin from 349$ per person per night.

This finally marks end of our conquest to locate the  best safari lodges in Murchison falls, you can also read some of our stories about the best lodges in other destinations around Uganda



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