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Tips When Traveling in Tanzania, Tanzania Travel Tips, Travelling to Tanzania Guide

This complete Tanzania travel guide and tips while traveling to Tanzania will provide you with the best safaris to this destination off the beaten track. As you plan your trip, you will be taken to the best national parks to experience the rich game-viewing safaris in this new country.

Most travellers visiting Tanzania are interested in discovering the Wildebeest Great Migration at Serengeti National Park, plus other game experiences at Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater all found in the Northern Circuit.

Additionally, some visitors wish to explore Mount Kilimanjaro which is the tallest Mountain in Africa, measuring up to 5,895 m high.

Our travel advice to this East African country will provide you with the best requirements for your Tanzania travel tip for example packing list, best time to visit, and health tips.

What do I Need to Know Before Traveling to Tanzania | What do I Need to Know Before Going to Tanzania?

Below, we look at the 10 best Tanzania travel tips to follow before you go for your vacation.

  1. How to travel
  2. Tanzania travel tips on border restrictions
  3. Tourist attractions
  4. Popular activities
  5. Where to stay
  6. What to pack and what to wear
  7. The Tanzanian current
  8. Health
  9. Culture
  10. The best time to visit
  11. Below, we look at these factors for your top Tanzania travel tips in detail


    a. Traveling to Tanzania | How to Travel to Tanzania

    Most visitors arrive in this new country through Dar es Salaam Airport or Kilimanjaro International Airport which is in the east of Arusha NP – the gateway to Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. The drive from the airport to Arusha NP is about 1 to 2 hours.

    For travelers intending to visit the Southern national parks like Selous Game Reserve, Julius Nyerere International Airport, which is about 13km Southwest of Dar es Salaam is the main entry point.

    Other common international airports are the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport in Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro International Airport in Kilimanjaro.

    Travelers can also drive between Arusha and Dar es Salaam and the best way is to use a tour operator who will provide you with a 4×4 private car to your next tour destination.

    The common international flights to Dar es Salaam include the flights from Middle East, Europe, and other African countries. No direct flights come from the US and KLM has direct flights between Dar es Salaam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The Emirates has daily flights that come from Dubai.

    The other international flights include,

    1. Air Tanzania, the national carrier
    2. Uganda Airlines
    3. Kenya Airways
    4. South African Airways
    5. Rwandair
    6. Emirates
    7. Ethiopian Airlines
    8. Swiss Air

    Turkish Airlines operates flights between Dar es Salaam, Instabul, and Kilimanjaro and the Oman Air goes to Dar through Muscat to Zanzibar.

    On the other hand, Qatar and British Airways connect Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar to Doha whereas Rwandair has daily connections between Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, and Kigali.

    Other private airlines organize flights to most places in the country for example Rubondo Island, Mwanza, Mafia, Ruaha, Mahale, Katavu, Selous, and Kigoma, among others.

    Another cheaper way to travel is to make use of public transport especially trains that will help you save a lot of transportation costs. Alternatively, public transport like the buses from the bus stations will also give you cheaper options for your tour.

    b. Tanzania Travel Restrictions, Tanzania Entry Requirements

    For safety reasons, there are different travel and entry restrictions that you ought to follow for your trip before you enter the country.

    Tanzania Visa

    You ought to have a visa before going to this nation, even though some nations enter the country, visa-free. This link leads you to the visa-free foreign and African countries to Tanzania https://immigration.go.tz/index.php/requirements-for-visa.

    Travellers who require a visa to enter the country may also obtain it upon arrival although it is advisable to get a visa online before your departure.

    An ordinary visa to the country is $50 while a multiple entry visa costs $100. For more information about how to obtain a Tanzanian visa, you can visit the website https://visa.immigration.go.tz/.

    Note that the visa will allow you entry to both the Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.


    The passport for your travels should be at least valid for 6 months, even though you are from a visa exempted country. It should also have at least one page where your visa should be endorsed.

    Yellow Fever Vaccination Card

    You will need a Yellow Fever vaccination card to be able to the country. This is important so that you do not have the risk of getting the disease.

    c. Tourist Attractions in Tanzania | Top Destinations in Tanzania – Best Places to Visit in Tanzania

    There are several destinations and tourist attractions for your Tanzania travel tip for example the best national parks, beaches, game reserves, and cultural villages, among others.

    The top Tanzania travel tips will lead you through the best destinations to visit in the new country.

    1. Serengeti National Park

    Serengeti NP ranks among the best places to visit in the country and it has an extensive golden landscape with thousands of animals for example Buffaloes, Elephants, Zebras, Wildebeests, Wild Dogs, Hippos, and Hyenas, among others.

    Other than the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve in Kenya, Serengeti NP is among the only destinations where you will have the opportunity to watch the annual Wildebeest migration.

    You will also get to enjoy beautiful game drives, hot air balloon safaris, horseback riding, camping, and nature walks, among others.

    1. Ngorongoro Conservation Area

    The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a rich animal-viewing exploration area during your wildlife safaris. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is where you meet a multitude of Uganda wildlife. It is also known as the eighth wonder of the world.

    1. Tarangire National Park

    Tarangire NP has a large number of wild animals, but it is famous for having the mysterious Baobab trees. It thus ranks among the most visited parks in the Northern circuit.

    1. Lake Manyara National Park

    Lake Manyara NP is found on the Rift Valley floor, and it is famously known as the two major destinations that are home to the tree climbing Lions, the other place being Queen Elizabeth NP Uganda.

    It is an enroute stop for most visitors traveling to Ngorongoro and the Serengeti NP.

    1. Arusha National Park

    Arusha NP is among the best places to experience a wildlife tour in the Northern circuit of the country. Although it is among the smallest parks, Arusha is among the richest destinations with the largest population of Giraffes in the world.

    Examples of other animals to view in this park include Hippos, Elephants, Zebras, Cape Buffaloes, Leopards, and Lions, among others.

    1. Don’t Miss Out on Mt Kilimanjaro

    Mount Kilimanjaro, which rises to a height of 5,895m is among the best destinations for mountain hikers. The Kilimanjaro Mountain has the highest peak in Africa.

    The Mountain Kilimanjaro climb will take about 5 to 9 days and you will not need any experience. However, the more you are fit, the less challenging the hike will be.

    Some guides and porters can accompany you for the hike at an extra cost and it is advisable to carry warm clothes for your tours.

    1. Lake Victoria

    Lake Victoria is not just the second-largest lake in the world but also the largest in the Tanzanian nation, covering an area of about 68,800 square kilometers. Lake Victoria is an amazing tourist destination offering boat cruises, fishing, and other amazing activities.

    The other beautiful destinations including parks and game reserves to experience your safaris include

    1. Ruaha NP
    2. Selous Game Reserve
    3. Gombe Stream & Mahale Mountains
    4. Olduvai Gorge
    5. The beautiful Zanzibar Beaches, etc

    d. Popular Tanzania Safari Activities, Best Things to do in Tanzania – What to do in Tanzania?

    This Africa tour will let you enjoy various activities on the African continent. You will get involved in beautiful game drives, bird-watching safaris, game walks, cultural encounters, hot air balloon safaris, horseback safaris, and beach holiday tours in the parks and the game reserves of the new country.

    You will get to enjoy various activities that are unique from other countries and below, we look at the various activities to choose from for your travel.

    Experience the Great Migration | Exploring the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

    The great migration boasts among the greatest natural wonders of the world with thousands of animals including the Gazelles, Zebras, and the renowned Wildebeests as they cross the Serengeti endless plains for an exciting annual encounter.

    This is the largest migration of animals in the whole world, thus one of the great experiences that you ought to have for your Tanzania travel tip tour.

    Adventurous travelers can also explore this adventure through activities like horse rides although the games drives are the most common.

    As you explore the great migration, you will meet other animals for example the Leopards, Cheetahs, Lions, Wild Dogs, and Hyenas, among others.

    By booking with a responsible tour operator, you will be informed of the best time to go for a great migration tour.

    Game Drives

    Doing game drives in the nation will give you the best experience of watching various animals for example Cheetahs, Leopards, Elephants, Wildebeests, Lions, Hyenas, Buffaloes, Zebras, Giraffes, Rhinos, Antelopes, Wild Dogs, and various bird species.

    The common destinations to have game drives are the Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP, and Manyara Park.

    The early morning game drives are the best for watching various animals such as the Hyenas, and Lions, among others.

    Bird Watching

    Discover some of the best places for birding in the nation which has over 1,156 bird species for example the water birds, savannah birds, and forest birds.

    Some of the best bird-watching destinations include Serengeti NP, and Tarangire NP, among others.

    Migratory birds can easily be seen between November to December.

    Be ready to view various birds some of which include,

    1. Lilac-breasted Roller
    2. Secretary bird
    3. Red and Yellow Barbet
    4. African fish eagle
    5. Somali Ostrich
    6. Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
    7. Flamingos
    8. Double-toothed Barbets
    9. Superb Sterling
    10. Kori Bustard
    11. Silver – Cheecked Hornbill
    12. Tawny Eagle
    13. Black Heron

    Explore the Beaches of Zanzibar

    Visiting Zanzibar Island is one of the best experiences for beach holidays as it is located next to the Indian Ocean coast. The Islands have incredible white sand beaches and various coastal activities for example snorkeling, scuba diving, scuba diving, and sunbathing.

    Tourists can spend time on the different beaches of the island for example the Mafia Island Beach at the Mafia Island Marine Park, Nungwi Beach, and the Nakupenda Beach. Therefore, pack your best beachwear and swimsuits.

    You may also continue with a Zanzibar vacation by exploring the spice plantation and the ancient Stone Town.

    Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s Highest Mountain | Don’t Miss Out on Mt Kilimanjaro

    Many international climbers dream of climbing the snow-peak Mt Kilimanjaro which soars above the vast endless plains of the savannah hills.

    When going for the Mt Kilimanjaro climb, it is best to take precautions for any medical conditions and for those who are prone to altitude sickness.

    The other wonderful activities to do include,

    1. Horseback safaris
    2. Hot air balloon safaris
    3. Cultural Encounters with the Masai Mara People
    4. Game walks

    e. Where to Stay in Tanzania Travel Tips? | Accommodation in Tanzania | Best Places to Stay in Tanzania

    Accommodation is an important aspect of any destination and the various accommodation options of international standards to book for your tour include lodges, guest houses, tented camps, and world-class hotels.

    The hotels are mostly found in the urban hotels while visiting Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, and Arusha. The protected areas are also great places to get your preferred accommodation for example Ngorongoro, Serengeti NP, etc. Most of them have great facilities including an outdoor pool, great views of the sun sets and free WIFI.

    Below are the most common lodges to use on your tour as you consider where to stay for your Tanzania travel tips,

    1. Lamai Serengeti
    2. Sand Rivers Selous
    3. Mkombe’s House in Serengeti Park
    4. Faru Faru Lodge in Serengeti
    5. Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
    6. Mwagusi Safari Camp in Ruaha NP
    7. Chem Chem Lodge in Tarangire Park
    8. Sabora Tented Camp in Serengeti NP

    Note that most accommodation costs range between $50 to $100.

    Luxury Accommodations in Zanzibar

    There are also other accommodations to book for your Zanzibar safaris ranging from budget, midrange, and luxury options.

    • Matemwe Lodge in Zanzibar

    Below is the average price for the accommodation facilities,

    1. Budget accommodation goes for about 5 to 30 USD per person
    2. The midrange lodges are for about $ 50 to $ 120 per person.
    3. Luxury lodges are between $120 to $390 per person.

    f. What to Pack for Tanzania Safari? | Basic Essentials to Carry to Tanzania | Pack Light While Traveling Around the Country

    Below are the various things to pack for your safaris which are inclusive of documents, health facilities, and the right photography equipment.

    1. Medical and travel insurance

    2. Camera gear

    3. Shoes

    4. Binoculars

    5. Sandals

    6. Insect repellents

    7. A simple day bag

    8. Passport

    9. Yellow Fever certificate

    10. Extra batteries

    11. Simple notebook and pen

    12. Flashlight

    13. Travel water bottle

    14. Cell phone

    15. Personal music device

    16. Chargers

    17. Both light and warm clothes

    18. Personal toiletries for example toothpaste, comb, toothbrush, mirror, etc.

    19. Sun protection equipment for example sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreens

    20. A medical kit with anti-malaria pills, bandages, antibiotics, mosquito spray, bandages, lip balm, hand wipes, etc

    What to Wear on a Safari in Tanzania? | Clothes for Safari in Tanzania

    It is strongly recommended to wear eco-friendly clothes for your safaris and some of these include

    1. Bathing suit
    2. Trousers for bush experiences and shorts for beach adventures
    3. Raincoat or poncho
    4. Long-sleeved shirts and short sleeved to enjoy the coastal breezes.
    5. Sweater

    The recommended colors for your trip, especially in the parks and game reserves include brown, khaki, and grey.

    g. Tanzania Currency | What Is the Currency in Tanzania?

    The Tanzanian shilling (Tsh) currency note is the national currency which features 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10,000.

    The US dollar bills together with other currencies like Pound Starlings, South African Rand, and Euro is also widely used by travelers. You can also change these currencies into the Tanzanian shilling at the Forex Bureau for easy money exchange through the national currency.

    The exchange rate for 1 USD is about 2,245 to 2,509 Tanzania shillings. However, the exchange rate changes now and then.

    Note that the dollar bills printed prior to 2002, more so the $100 and the $50 are most times rejected by the forex bureax. Also, a traveler’s cheques are difficult to exchange, and they may be charged highly.

    You can use the US Dollars in hotels, supermarkets, and lodges but note that the US Dollars dated from 2006 and earlier are not accepted in many Tanzanian shops.

    ATMs are common in major cities/big cities or major towns for example Zanzibar, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Dodoma which is the country’s capital city.

    Are Credit Cards Acceptable in Tanzania?

    Some modern lodges and shops accept credit cards in the form of visa cards and master cards. However, most budget lodges do not accept this.

    However, you should have cash especially if you are going to the local markets to shop for clothes, or craft materials among the locals.

    Is it Standard to Tip in Tanzania? | How Much to Tip in Tanzania?

    Like most other countries in Africa, the tipping customary is allowed during a holiday. You can tip the guide, driver, porter, or hotel staff between $10 to $20. Many service providers will appreciate you tipping them on their services.

    How to Keep Money Safe While Travelling in Tanzania? | How to Travel with Money Safely

    Although this destination is quite safe, you need to be more careful with your belongings. This is because the destination is still a risky place since some people commit petty crimes for example bag snatching and pickpocketing.

    Below are some of the ways to keep safe while traveling to this new destination:

    1. Do not walk with large amounts of money and carry the money that you hope to spend during the day.
    2. Walk with a money belt to keep your money.
    3. Do not flash lots of money in public and avoid showing off your expensive gadgets.
    4. While you withdraw money from the ATM, only allow the security personnel to help out as strangers may be con artists.

    How Much Money Should You Bring to Tanzania | How Much Does a Tanzania Safari Cost?

    There is no fixed Tanzania tour price as the cost by your tour operator will depend on the type of package that you choose or the different factors for your trip. Some of these factors include the season of travel, your travel style, class of accommodation, the group size, and the transportation services.

    However, on average, a budget tour costs $150 per person per day, and a midrange cost about $300 to $500 per person.

    How Much Money Do I Need to Come with for Tanzania Safari?

    The amount of money to travel with will also depend on your travel plans and factors such as transportation, lodging, activities, and meals, among others.

    Is it Safe to Travel to Tanzania Right Now? | Is Tanzania Safe to Travel to? | Is Tanzania Safe to Visit?

    Yes, it is safe to travel to this nation as it is considered to be among the safest.

    However safe it is to travel, you should be aware of other travel safety measures against pickpocketing, scams, and snatching, among others.

    Below are some of how you can keep safe during your holiday whether you are in the national parks or game reserves.

    1. Avoid walking alone, especially in deserted places of very major cities/big cities and major towns like Zanzibar and Pemba as you may be at risk of being robbed.
    2. Avoid driving route that is lonely or walking in the night, especially when you are alone.
    3. Purchase valid travel and health and travel insurance which will enable you to cover any medical emergencies while you are in the hospital.
    4. While in the parks, make sure that you remain in the company of your driver guide for protection and clear directions. Also, make sure that you keep the car windows closed as some primates may jump in it.
    5. Keep yourself aware of the happenings in the country through the local media.

    Is Tanzania Safe for Solo Travellers

    The nation is a safe place for solo travelers during their African holidays. However, solo female travelers ought to follow the security cautions given by the tour operator or the security personnel at a given destination.

    Is Tanzania Safe for Americans

    This nation is also safe for travelers from America as thousands of Americans travel to the country every year.

    h. Health Guide

    While going for your travel, you will also need to mind about their health by taking different medical procedures for example sleeping under a mosquito net, using insect repellent, and using mosquito coils to reduce the possibility of mosquito bites.

    Get Your Vaccinations | What Vaccines Do You Need for Tanzania | What Vaccinations Do I Need for Tanzania?

    A Yellow Fever Vaccination card is compulsory when going to this destination to avoid acquiring or spreading the disease as it is a threat in most African countries.

    Since HIV is also a risk, avoid any risky activities that will lead you to acquiring the disease.

    You should also get sunscreen protection for your safaris to avoid sunburns since the destination receives a lot of sunlight in its position near the equator.

    Do I Need Malaria Tablets in Tanzania? | Do I Need Malaria Tablets for Tanzania? | Do I need Anti Malaria Tablets for Tanzania?

    The nation is a Malaria risky place, so it is advisable to take anti-malaria tablets or use mosquito spray. You can also avoid the bites of mosquitoes by wearing long-sleeved clothes or by wearing insect repellent to prevent the mosquitoes from biting you.

    Although not compulsory, there are different other diseases to vaccinate against as one of your Tanzania travel tips, for example.

    • Tetanus
    • Rabies
    • Polio
    • Typhoid
    • Rabies
    • Hepatitis A
    • Meningococcus

    You can take the tetanus and rabies shots at least 3 months before your travels.

    Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in Tanzania? | Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Tanzania?

    Drinking tap water is not recommended as it is contaminated. It is strongly recommended to stick to bottled water during your trip so that you can have an amazing trip. It is still okay for brushing, but it is safer if you use safe water from bottles.

    Bottled water is sold cheaply in the different shops, although we also provide it while driving you in your private car during your tour.

    Stomach Problem on Safari

    Due to the change in food or spices of the Tanzanian cuisine that your stomach is not normally used to, some travelers may experience stomach problems. Make sure you stay hydrated and consult a doctor for the right medical measures.

    1. Wali, which is Rice.
    2. Ugali is cornbread.
    3. Samaki is fish.
    4. Chapatti, flat wheat bread
    5. Mshikaki is marinated beef.
    6. Nyama Choma which is grilled meat.
    7. Pilau briyani and Ndizi-nyama, which are plantains with meat.

    Other common stews include Beef, Chicken, Fish, and Beans.

    You will also be served incredible drinks ranging from local beers like Castle Lager, to wines Kilimanjaro or the Serengeti.

    Note that to also avoid stomach problems, ensure to eat from hygienic places as most of the street food is prepared with basic hygiene.

    Travel Guide on Tanzania Foods | What is the Food Like in Tanzania?

    There is a wide range of foods and recipes to eat during your travels and they are mostly served in lodges, best hotels, and restaurants.

    Please inform your tour operator or service provider about whether you are a vegetarian. However, your menu will include all types of food for example Tanzanian cuisine, Indian cuisines, and foods of international standards.

    i. The Culture of Tanzania Travel Tips

    The people in the communities, like any other African destination, have their values that they keep and one of them is emphasizing the importance of greeting. It is courteous to greet a person with a smile as you “Habari” or “Jambo”. They are also courteous people who will welcome you joyously to their communities.

    It is also not common for couples to show public affection like kissing, and it is illegal to be an LGBTQ member, which is punishable by law, thus avoiding any intimate activities with a member of the same sex. This however should not prevent you from visiting Tanzania as you will not have any problems if you are discreet.

    If you are going to the Islamic communities for example Zanzibar or Stone Town, it is advisable to wear clothes that cover the knee and shoulders.

    Additionally, the tipping customary is allowed and highly appreciated by the local service providers.

    What Language is Spoken in Tanzania? | What is the Official Language of Tanzania? | Language in Tanzania

    There are over 100 languages from the different tribes in the nation. However, English and Kiswahili are widely spoken by many thus the official languages. However, the different other languages to speak, especially through guides include German, French, and Spanish.

    j. What is the Best Month to Visit Tanzania? | Best Time to Visit Tanzania | Best Time to Safari in Tanzania

    There are two seasons, and these are the dry season and the wet season. The best time to visit Tanzania is in the dry season which is from late May to late October.

    There is little rain in this season, thus making game viewing easier as the animals come around the water sources to drink. The best places to watch animals in this season are at the Tanzania Northern Circuit for example Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

    The wet season runs from early March to May although the tracks become slippery and challenging to pass through. Most budget lodges provide discounts, especially in the low season.

    The great migration can however best be watched from June to July.

    In summary,

    1. January to February are the best for watching the Wildebeest calving season.
    2. June to July is the best for watching the great migration.
    3. June to October poses as the best period for wildlife viewing.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Tanzania Travel Tips

    1. Zanzibar Tanzania Time | What Time Zone is Tanzania on?

    This East African nation is 3 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3) and thus does not have a time difference between the winter months or the summer months.

    1. How do I Plan a Safari Trip to Tanzania

    Planning an amazing trip will depend on various factors that surround your expectations about the tour. Whether you are planning for wildlife tour or adventure expeditions, the best way to plan for your tour is through the help of a responsible tour operator.

    1. What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari

    The nation boasts a rich tourist attraction that includes wildlife, birds, and plants. You will enjoy the rich views of the extensive golden landscapes of Africa.

    1. How Many Days in Tanzania is Enough | How Many Days are Enough for a Tanzania Safari

    About 7 days are ideal for the best general exploration of the country’s landscape, especially in the major destinations for example Serengeti Park, and Ngorongoro.

    Your tour operator will advise you on the suitable number of days, depending on the experiences that you would like to have.

    1. Can I Feed Animals in National Parks

    It is prohibited to feed the animals in the parks as this is against the principles of ecotourism.

    1. How Many People Are Allowed to Enter a Safari Jeep?

    There are two types of jeeps for your expeditions. One has a 7-window seat and 5 window seats. These seats feature clear windows for amazing views.

    1. Travelling With Children

    The nation is family-friendly and thus traveling with children is safe for both them and their parents. Families welcome children between 6 to 17 years old.

    Most lodges also welcome children especially those who are 8 years and above.

    1. What is the Plastic Bag Ban?

    Tanzanian authorities banned the use of plastic bags in 2019 to help in the conservation of the environment and the animals in it. If you are found to be using plastic bags, you will pay a heavy fine to the Tanzanian authorities. Thus, leave any plastic bags on your plane.

    1. What Camera Should I Bring for a Tanzania Safari?

    Cameras are one of the most important items for your Tanzania travel tips to bring during safaris in Africa. Any camera can work as long as it has good lenses that can capture the animals even when they are in motion.

    Purchase your camera cheaply before you set off.

    1. Can I Use My iPhone on a Tanzania Safari? | Buy a Local SIM Card

    Yes, you can use your iPhone while on your tour, and in case you need data, you can purchase a local SIM card for about 2 dollars. Your sim card will allow you to communicate both locally and internationally with different people as you make calls and send emails and text messages.

    1. What do I do if My Luggage Arrives Late or gets Lost?

    In the case that you lose your luggage, you will fill a lost luggage and hand it over to your representative who will follow up with the information and bring your luggage to your hotel room.

    1. What is the Internet Like in Tanzania? | Does Tanzania Have Good WIFI?

    The internet access is good in Tanzania, more so in the urban areas and poor in the remote areas especially in the protected areas of the Southern circuit. However, many of the best hotels and lodges provide free WIFI to the visitors.

    The WIFI is also not widely available and internet access from it is good mainly in the luxury hotels.

    1. What Plugs do I Need for Tanzania and What is the Voltage?

    The standard voltage for your plug should be between 230 to 240 volts. Many sockets need the 3 square pin variety, and you will also need to pack a universal travel adaptor.

    In conclusion, your guide will help you prepare well for your trip to this East African country. This will thus allow you to prepare for the best experiences as you have your travels.

    Contact us today for any inquiries about your Tanzania tour and we shall help in organizing the best trip and providing the best travel advice.