Where are gorillas tracked in Uganda?

Where to track gorillas in Uganda is a common question among those that plan to undertake gorilla safaris in Uganda. Since the country features a...

The red faced barbet

Scientifically referred to as Lybius rubrifacies, the Red faced Barbet belongs to the Lybiidae family and is known to be thriving in south west of...

The black and white colobus monkey

The Black and White colobus monkey is noted to be belonging to Colobinae Sub family and features four (4) various Species which include the Angolan...

The lake victoria serena resort

On the shores of the world’s second largest fresh water lake – Lake Victoria, there lies a gem that is far beyond the ordinary settling...

Jovago opens up officially in Uganda

Jovago which is apparently the number one on line hotel booking website in Africa enabling the world travelers including those that undertake safaris to Uganda...

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