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Serval Cats in Uganda – Uganda Safaris

African wild cats

Serval cats are medium-sized African wild cats which are found in many parts of Africa including Uganda. These cats are closely related to the African golden cats.

The cats weights 9-20 kilograms with a body length of about 85cm and tail length of about 20-40cm and because of the long legs, it is one of the tallest cats. Safaris to Uganda offer you the chance of spotting these unique wild cats.

The serval cats mostly feed on hares, birds, reptiles, fish, and frogs among others. The Servals use their long ears to detect rodents even when they are burrowing under the ground making them unique in nature and thus making them animals you do not want to miss seeing while on safaris in Uganda.

Like the leopards and cheetahs, the Serval cats are also spotted which makes it difficult to identify them however they are smaller than the leopards and cheetahs.

Some Servals are white and others are black in colour and you can spot them on your safari tours in the Parks and forests.

In Uganda servals have been recorded in southern Ankole and Karamoja region and they are found in all forested places in Uganda. These cats are very hard to see because they are commonly seen as nocturnal while on your safari visits

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