Tourism in Rwanda is developing because of its proper hygiene and hospitality which tourists appreciate so much hence attracting more safaris to Rwanda. This refers to the hotels, lodges where tourists sleep while on their tours to Rwanda, the roads where they pass and the places they use with all requirements. These are always found clean hence attracting more visits to Rwanda.

The hotel known as Serena Hotel has been rewarded a second certificate for the proper Hygiene and Hospitality in all International countries hence attracting many safari visits to Rwanda. This has therefore ensured good sanitation and health of the tourists as they come to tour Rwanda hence promoting the tourism sector.

The tour operators and the local people in Rwanda also have hospitality which makes tourists feel at home hence attracting more tour visits to Rwanda. These welcome their visitors, talk to them in the language they know better and tell them everything they want to know. This makes tourists proud of them hence attracting more safari tours in Rwanda and boosting the Tourism sector.

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