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Safety of Trekking Mountain Gorillas – Gorilla Safari News

silver back gorilla in rwanda Tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda is so safe and so tourists should be at peace while they come to track these primates. Guidelines are always given to the tourists before they set off for the search. There is enough security which is provided to the visitors while in Uganda.

Gorilla tourism is mainly focused on preservation and conservation of the primates. This is mainly done in order to increase the number of gorillas with in their habitants and also increasing the number of tourists who come to track the mountain gorillas.

The official gorilla tour guides always lead small groups on foot towards the search for the primates.

The trek includes some hiking and climbing which requires some energetic tourists. Therefore it’s important to always be prepared for the trek since it provides adventurous experience.

There are many rules and regulations which are followed during gorilla tracking in order to ensure security of the clients, these include; speaking very slowly, making slow movements, taking photos without a flash, not always to run away from the mountain gorillas. These rules should be understood by the clients before the gorilla search.

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