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Rwanda’s Tourism in the Spotlight – Rwanda Safari News

rwandas tourism on spotlightRwanda is known to be a land of thousand hills this puts its image on the global map of tourism destinations.

The country is commonly known for the mountain gorillas which are found in volcanoes national park, these are interesting primates and they have greatly attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda.

The country still revives its reputation worldwide through its mountain gorillas and also other attractions which have continued to attract safaris in Rwanda.

These include; chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, mountain climbing, cultural safaris, vegetation and the land scape and many more.

Tourism in Rwanda has greatly benefited the local people because the incomes from the tourism sector has been used to develop infrastructures such as public roads, hospitals, schools, hotels and many more hence leading to economic prosperity.

Apart from the amazing sceneries, the people of Rwanda are welcoming  to the travelers who come for safari tours to Rwanda. The country is also known for cycling tourism which attracts many visitors to Rwanda.

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