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Rwanda’s National Parks Increasing Tourism Receipts – Rwanda Safari News

wildlife safaris in rwandaRwanda’s national parks have greatly helped in increasing the revenues of Rwanda’s tourism sector and this has helped in developing the country and also increasing safaris to Rwanda.

Rwanda development Board passed a report indicating a collection of $142.5 million tourism revenues compared to last year and this has shown an improvement in the development of the tourism sector.

The safety which is in the country has also helped in attracting many tourists, who have continued to travel to Rwanda for safaris, since many of them travel to Rwanda for mountain gorilla trekking and volcanoes national park has continued to be safe.

This is because the conflicts which were taking place in the nearby Congo have finally ended and this has greatly attracted more travellers to Rwanda.

 The minister for tourism in Rwanda noted that the increase in tourism revenues and the number of tourists is so essential since it helps in increasing economic growth and generating development for the country.

This will also help in increasing the safari visits to Rwanda. Rwanda has put in efforts in ensuring visitor safety and security in Rwanda’s national parks.

Rwanda has got many national parks and these include; Nyungwe national park, Volcanoes national park, Akagera national park and many others which have got variety of wildlife species which are loved by the tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda.

There are many bird species, plant species and others. Investment in the tourism sector has been boosted and this has helped in increasing the number of investors who have invested in different sectors of the tourism industry, like the hotel sector.

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