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Rwanda’s Cleanliness Has Developed its Tourism – Rwanda Safari News

baby gorilla feeding rwanda safarisRwanda is a very nice country that it has attracted many safaris because of its beauty.

Tourists always want to visit places that are clean so as they are sure that they have a good health.

This therefore pushes them to Rwanda since Rwanda is ranked among the cleanest countries in the world hence having more Rwanda safaris.

The hotels of Rwanda are always clean therefore showing a setting a good example to the tourists and assuring them of good sanitation in the country hence no risk for diseases.

This attracts them to have more safaris in Rwanda. Plastic bags are not accepted in Rwanda and this helps them keep the streets and all roads where tourists pass safe hence having the best journeys to tourist sites while on their Rwanda safari.

Rwanda has tourist attractions such as the Volcanoes National park with the rare mountain gorillas, Dian fossey where there are also some gorillas, Genocide Memorial Site, Lake Kivu, Akagera National Park, Museum and so many others. These have attracted many people to come and safari Rwanda hence boosting the tourism sector and the economy of Rwanda as well.

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