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Rwanda Tourism Stakeholders to Support Park Communities

Community tourism is one the factors which have helped in developing the tourism sector in Uganda. This has however emphasised the tour operators of Rwanda to engage in supporting the local communities around d national parks in order to improve their house hold incomes. This will help in increasing Rwanda safaris and gorilla trekking safaris.

The local communities around the National parks especially near volcanoes national park can be empowered sop that they can grow vegetables like the tomatoes, cabbages so that they can sell them to the tourists who come for mountain gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda.

The local communities can sell the vegetables to the Lodges so that they can cater for the visitors who come for gorilla safaris to Rwanda. This can help the lodges to stop buying simple stuff from Kigali but can visit the local communities for the support.

In order to improve the mountain trekking adventures in Rwanda, the park management can also create income generating activities for the local people especially those living near the parks.

These activities can include crafting making, encouraging agricultural projects and many others; this will automatically help in encouraging the local communities to engage in tourism development.

In addition to gorilla tracking safaris carried out in Rwanda, cultural dances by the local people for the tourists, preparation of Rwandan cuisines can also be done in order to make the local communities engage in the development of tourism in Rwanda. The tourists are allowed to pay $ 20 in order to enjoy the services after trekking the mountain gorillas.

This practice of engaging the local communities in tourism development has greatly helped the locals to become entrepreneurs in Rwanda and also knowing that tourism is the greatest income earner of the country.

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