volcanoes npThe tourism industry in Rwanda has been growing at a faster rate and this means that the incomes and the revenues have been increasing day by day; this has helped in developing the tourism sector in the country hence attracting more people to come for safaris to Rwanda.

The genocide memorial site is to help in understanding the country’s recent history and also to help in promoting tourism to this place, this site has greatly opened visitor’s eyes to the past and this has attracted many people to come for safaris in Rwanda.

 Rwanda has got many tourist attractions which have helped in increasing Rwanda safaris and also helping in increasing the development of the tourism sector in the country and also to increase the number of people who come for safari tours.

The genocide memorial grounds have greatly attracted many safari tours to Rwanda. This is because it complements the mountain gorilla trekking which is the common activity enjoyed by the tourists; there are also other attractions which include; the chimpanzees, the culture of the people of Rwanda and many more attractions which are enjoyed by the tourists.

The genocide grounds symbolise the actual terror that took place in Rwanda and these stories are enjoyed by the visitors who come for safaris to Rwanda which has helped in development of the tourism sector.

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