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Parc National Des Volcans Rwanda

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda is one of the memorable wild experiences that Africa can offer. It is also known as a country of a thousand hills, In Africa, Rwanda is one of the most promising tourist destinations where gorilla tracking can be carried out. A gorilla trek via Volcanoes National park in Rwanda can involve anything from a 1 to 4-hour trek through the dense tropical rainforest of Rwanda. Using experienced gorilla trackers who have spent their entire lives inhabiting in or close to the forest, a gorilla trek in Rwanda is such interesting as you weave through moss-covered, Hagenia trees, overhanging vines and giant Lobelias that thrive in the tropical climate. In Rwanda, Gorilla Tracking is also filled with many other interesting wildlife encounters. During the trek, gorilla trackers can also see golden monkeys, bush duikers or buffaloes and a wide variety of birdlife. After meeting the gorillas in the wild, one of the greatest wildlife experiences on earth, you can spend an hour watching the gentle giant gorillas as they go about their daily life, playing, resting, feeding, and raising their young ones. you will understand what kept conservation Dian Fossey living in this same forest for 18 years protecting these wonderful animals at the end of the trek.

Below are the sample Gorilla Trekking Tours to Rwanda


3 days Volcanoes Gorilla Trek – This Gorilla Tour in Rwanda will takes you in a 4-hour trek through the forest, by experienced trackers who have spent their entire lives living in or close to the forest. The trek through this park is ecxiting as you weave through overhanging vines, moss-covered Hagenia trees and giant Lobelias that thrive in the tropical climate. On the trek you may spot golden monkeys or see buffalo, bush duiker and a wide variety of bird life. • 4 Days Gorillas and Chimps Tour in Rwanda4 days Mountain Gorilla Tour in Rwanda. You will enjoy one of the greatest wildlife experiences on earth; spending an hour with the gentle giant gorillas as they go about their daily life, resting, raising their young, feeding, playing,. Besides the gorilla trek, there are several other tourist activities that you should not miss! • 5 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour5 Days Gorilla Trekking Tour in Rwanda. On this trip, you will track the endangered mountain gorillas, visit Dian Fossey’s Grave, a conservationist who spent 18 years in the tropical rainforest studing much about the mountain gorillas. This tour is filed with magical experiences of the Land of a Thousand Hills and it is an awesomeone!


Rwanda Facts; Rwanda is also known as the Republic of Rwanda is found in the central and East Africa. The country borders countries like Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and DRC. The country lies a few degrees in the southern part of the equator and it is a land locked country, with Kigali as a capital city. Rwanda covers an area of 26,338 sq. km therefore can accommodate a number of people and in the larges countries it takes the 149th position in the world. The country has two rainy seasons the first staring from February to June and the other one of September to December. There are also two dry seasons which are from June to September and December to February. READ MORE

Rwanda Culture & History; Rwanda is one of the stronghold countries in Africa with a deep linguistic coherence among its people. It entirely consists of three main tribes; the Tutsis, Hutus, and the Twa but all speak the same language called Kinyarwanda. These three tribes can be identified probably basing on their physical build but they have a strong coloration in terms of values of religion and are averagely spread in the entire territory. However they have deep political differences that are believed to have resulted in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Rwanda culture is not only shaped by the settlers of the land but also the refugees in the diaspora more especially in the adjacent countries of Uganda and Congo who still draw much of their attachment to their mother country – Rwanda. READ MORE

Rwanda Flights;

Flights in Rwanda arrive and depart from the largest Airport that is Kigali Airport

From Nairobi 5 major airlines serve the Kigali area and from Dubai 1 major airlines serve the Kigali area.

Flights from Nairobi to Kigali start at 8:35am and the journey is 1 hour. From Dubai to Kigali the flight starts at 6:30am and it takes 6 hours.

The closet flight to Rwanda is Gregoire Kayibanda Airport and that is in Kigali and it flies to 17 cities and a week it arranges 14 domestic flights and 469 international flights. READ MORE

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