Rwanda Tourism

Dubbed the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda has taken advantage of its beauty to develop her tourism potential. The tourism in Rwanda is apparently a significant contributor to the Country’s foreign exchange and a hub for employment.

Rwanda is recognized as a gorilla safari destination since a section of habituated mountain gorillas thrive in her Volcanoes National Park in the North West. Besides gorillas, Rwanda is endowed with chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest along with Black and white colobus and other 11 primate species. The savannah destination of Akagera National Park is a haven for Rwanda wildlife safaris with the opportunity to explore the lions, elephants, Giraffes, Leopards, Buffaloes among others. The park also features an extensive wetland system which is the largest in the country.

Rwanda’s tourism is not vested in nature alone. The country is endowed with rich culture, heritage and history. Talk of the cultural hub of Butare where the National Museum is located with over 100, 000 artifacts, the Nyanza palace which is the traditional palace for the Kings of Rwanda not forgetting the Rwesero Art gallery present rewarding cultural attractions.

The 1994 horrific genocide is the darkest history that Rwanda has ever had. Its scars are all over the country and the genocide memorial sites are spread all over the country including the Kigali Genocide memorial at Gisozi, Murambi genocide memorial, Nyamata genocide Memorial among others. This has made dark tourism in Rwanda to flourish.

Below is a list of Rwandas National Parks

Akagera National Park
The game in Akagera national park includes; buffalo, elephant, zebra, giraffe and array of antelope. The exciting note is that this park and its enclosed lakes compete favorably in terms of hippopotamus concentrations in Africa. The Nile crocodile has also extended to secure another dwelling in Akagera national park while other shy rare animals like spotted hyenas and leopard have been registered. The ranges of minor predators also exist including mongoose, bush babies, olive baboons, serval cats, genets and silver monkey species. The beautiful slender Impala is the most common of the 12 antelope species recorded in the park.
Nyungwe National Parknyungwe-animals
The adjacent town of Cyangungu is approximately 54 km in the western direction while the Mountain of Bigugu is situated within the park boarders. Being a biodiversity hot spot, Nyungwe is considerd a conservation priority in Africa. The park contains over 13 primate species including; Chimpanzee, L’Hoest’s Monkey Silver Monkey, Adolf Friedrich’s Angola, Golden Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, Hamlyn’s Monkey, Dent’s Mona Monkey, Grey-cheeked Mangabey, Vervet Monkey and Olive Baboon; 1068 plant species as it is one of the surviving pre historic montane forests even during the last ice age, 85 mammal species, 275 species of birds marked as an important bird area by the bird international.
Volcanoes National Parkwildlife-in-volcanoes-national-park
Volcanoes National Park similarly denoted in French as Parc National des Volcanos is positioned in north-western part of Rwanda sharing the border post withVirunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. Well celebrated for its mountain gorillas, this park also contains five of the general eight volcanic highlands in the Virunga area including; Karisimbi, Bisoke, Sabyinyo Gahinga and Muhabura..

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