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Rwanda Gorilla Twin Loses Life in a Cross Group Interaction – Rwanda Gorilla Safari News

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A Mountain Gorilla twin from Isabukuru group in Volcanoes National Park – the destination for Gorilla safaris in Rwanda and Uganda is recorded to have lost its life following an interaction with Musilikale gorilla group.

The twin named Kura sustained serious injuries inflicted on it by Silverback Musilikale as its mother Isaro attempted to cross from her group to join the Musilikale’s.

It is a common practice among the Mountain Gorilla silverbacks to kill the infants of a new female so as to prepare it for mating.

The Silverbacks always want the females to produce their off springs. This is often disclosed by guides while on a Rwanda gorilla trekking safari.

It is noted that Musilikale Silverback beat Kura many times prompting its mother Isaro to go into hiding. When the silverback left, Isaro approached Kura and carried her away but unfortunately due to the multiple injuries, the twin infant could not survive longer.

During the interaction, the two (2) Silverbacks from Isabukuru gorilla group namely; Kubaha and Isabukuru kept chasing Musilikale and successfully saved a two (2) year old infant called Masunzu who was attempting to follow the mother that had crossed to Musilikale group.

What is worrying is how this infant will survive without a mother but fortunately, it had reached a semi-independent age where it can struggle on its own with support of his father.

The demise of Isaro’s second twin is very sad since the first one had earlier lost its life in the similar struggle in the month of August 2016.

Twin birth is such a rare thing among the Mountain Gorillas which are known to be critically endangered world over and losing them altogether is something very touching.

The infant twins are so exciting and playful generating remarkable Africa safari memories for travelers on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda

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