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Rwanda Gorilla Fete up for Awards – Rwanda Safari News

gorillaSubsequent to a directory of the final was in print at the conclusion of the previous year, the finals were proclaimed by the Rwanda Development Board so as to promote the tourism sector so as to increase more tours in Rwanda.

We are so thankful for this opportunity to take part in the competition of pioneering schemes. The Chief Executive Officer mentioned that this was a comprehensive identification of the hard work made by Rwanda in innovative, society determined and sustainable tourism in that safaris to Rwanda are increased.

Such will help in generating and elevating alertness for the preservation of the dying out Mountain Gorillas so as to beautify the tourism sector in Rwanda.

Rwanda is based on upgrading tourism and will so as to develop Rwanda through tourism and also increase more Rwanda tours. More and yet is to be done by tour operators so as to attract more tours in Rwanda.

The tourism sector is a source of employment opportunities to people and a source of revenue to the government which helps to develop Rwanda as a country.

The UNWTO Awards  presented to the tourism sector  have made it develop hence promoting more safari visits in Rwanda.
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