mountain in rwandaRwanda’s earnings are increasing due to the increasing number of tourists who come for gorilla trekking safaris and also bird watching. The regional tourists’ numbers have also increased in numbers and this has helped in promoting domestic tourism with in the country hence improving the tourism sector.

The people of Rwanda have greatly participated in the tourism sector since they have visited most of the tourist attractions with in the country. This has greatly improved the tourism sector since all the incomes remain in the country.

Rwanda projects its revenues to increase by 2014, and this will help in attracting more safaris to Rwanda, since the tourism sector will definitely improve. However, in order to attain the target, the infrastructure has to be improved, these include; the roads and the hotels which the tourists who come for safari tours use while in Rwanda.

The introduction of traditional markets in the outside countries will help in marketing Rwanda as a tourist destination, hence increasing the revenues of the country. The traditional markets can be established in Germany, china, Russia and many other countries.

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