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President Paul Kagame Honors the 11th Gorilla Naming Ceremony

President Paul kagame honors gorilla namingThe current president of Rwanda His Excellence Paul Kagame is credited for honoring the eleventh gorilla naming event that was conducted in the Rwanda gorilla safari haven of Volcanoes National Park amidst his busy schedule.

Held on Sept 5th 2015 at the Kinigi park headquarters in the district of Musaze where gorilla trekking in Rwanda starts from and running under the theme of “Conserving now and for the future”, this 11th version of Kwita Izina Ceremony saw the count of 24 baby gorillas getting new names in attendance of a range of conservationists, the Rwanda gorilla safari undertakers, the local people and the President Kagame himself.

President Kagame in his remarks at the event acknowledged the efforts of the local people along with the partners towards the gorilla conservation initiative that have resulted into enormous increase in the mountain gorilla populations.

He noted that the conservation efforts have ascertained that the initial beneficiaries of environmental protection are the natives and that the Rwandans ought to be themselves leading the development and working towards poverty alleviation.

He acknowledged the Kwita Izina day as being about the local communities consolidating the gains that have accumulated from the resources.

It can be noted that tourism is very important in poverty alleviation. The initiatives like the tourism revenue sharing among the communities that are adjacent the park and mining areas have done considerably well and that the Rwandan government is still committed to their continuity and excellence noted President Kagame at the event.

The 5% of the tourist revenue is given to the communities in order to allow them gain direct benefit from the surrounding resources.

This initiative has registered success. It can be noted that since 2005, a sum of US$ 1.83 Million has been given out to the communities under the revenue sharing arrangement.

This is gathered from the travelers that undertake safaris in Rwanda including Rwanda gorilla safaris. From the initiative, a count of fifty seven (57) primary schools were put in thirteen (13) districts throughout the country utilized by over 13,700 students.

The revenue scheme has also managed to help 360 community projects that range from health centers, bridges, roads, water and sanitation, bee keeping and support to Small and Medium Enterprises.

The President disagrees with the notion that resources are a curse. He acknowledges that Poverty is the most significant curse.

Since the Rwandese have lived the poverty, they do not need to be taught what it is and neither do the need to be alerted that development is good for they know.

The Rwandese have got the courage to be leaders of their development and get themselves out of poverty. The President went ahead to note that the residents of Musaze need to work hard and utilize the available resources to get rid of poverty since Rwandese were by no means created to be poor.

The Kwita Izina ceremony of this year gathered about 30,000 people that included about 500 foreign visitors representing twenty six (26) countries.

Besides the naming, the event featured the Kwita Izina Awards, Conservation forum, Business Exhibition and the Bisate Public Library launch in Kinigi

It is recorded that Volcanoes National Park supports 302 mountain gorillas which are about 35% of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Ten groups have been habituated for encounter by travelers on gorilla safari in Rwanda

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