Uganda-OilThe people of bunyoro have concentrated on the oil resources which are not everlasting. This has reduced the energy and concentration in other sector like tourism and agriculture hence reducing visits in Uganda. This has therefore reduced the number of safaris to Uganda since the tourism sector is no longer catered for by the local people yet it is the major foreign exchange earner.

 The President of Uganda has therefore called upon the people of Uganda to put their efforts in the sectors like tourism and agriculture where they will earn more benefits and also boost the economy of Uganda as well. This will help boost these sectors especially tourism and promote more hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

This is because if the tourism sector is developed it will help boost Uganda’s economy and increase the number of Uganda visits. This is because investors who will come in form of tourists and invest in Uganda hence providing room for employment opportunities. This will therefore help stop the problem of poverty which will make Uganda a better place to live in hence promoting more safari tours to Uganda.

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