giraffePoaching is the biggest problem affecting the tourism sector of Uganda. This is where animals are illegally killed. This has therefore reduced the number of animals within the National Parks hence reducing the number of safaris to Uganda because most tourists come to track the animals within Uganda’s National Parks.

The president of Uganda called for spot killing of poachers and the tour operators called for life imprisonment of the poachers. These can all be used so as to stop the act of poaching so as to maintain the number of the animals within the National Parks of Uganda. This will therefore increase the number of Uganda safari visits hence boosting the tourism sector.

The suspected Rhino poachers who were found with hunting materials heading to the nearby game reserve were caught and the police on patrol arrested them. The tour operators were happy because the law has acted. This will therefore teach the others a lesson which will therefore help maintain the population of animals hence promoting more Uganda tours.

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