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Pian Upe Game Reserve; a Rich Gem Less Explored

The Uganda safari destination of Pian Upe game reserve located in the north east of Uganda is among the best fame reserves that are found in Uganda but less explored.

Stretching in the traditional range-lands of Karimojong, Pian Upe game reserve along with other surrounding game reserves, form second largest conservation area in Uganda.

First gazetted in 1958 as a Debasien Animal Sanctuary and eventually as Pian Upe Game Reserve in in 1964, Pian Upe has lived to the test of time and is among the protected areas that have got unique wildlife species that is always sought after by travellers on safaris in Uganda. It survived the proposal to degazette part of it to allocate it to fruit farming in 2003.

The Pian Upe Game reserve has got a hot spring which has the capacity to generate geo thermal power not forgetting mercury wells at Mount Kadam.

This goes beyond the normal wild game viewing and makes this Uganda safari tour destination more significant to the country.

The Pia Upe Game Reserve is marked with less disturbed wooden grassland while small patches of riverine woodland and Kopjes.

It is dominated by desert date and red acacia along with other species including bush willows, red spike-thorns and Harrisonia abyssinica. This gives it a remarkable vegetation view that makes it worthy encountering while on a safari in Uganda.

Considering the wild game, Pian Upe contains good counts of Jackals, Civets, Leopards, Wildcats;, Primates like patas monkeys, vervet monekys, olive baboons; Ungulates like cape buffalo, eland, Topi, common and blue duiker, Klipspringer, Gunteher dik dik, mountain and Bohor reedbuck.

The reserve also has rock pythons and venomous puff adders. These combine to make Pian Upe game reserve a rich gem that should be prioritized while making the list of what to encounter on safari to Uganda.

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