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Online Gorilla Permits to Ruin the Tourism Industry

The introduction of online gorilla permits raised a lot of disagreements between the tour operators and the UWA management, the tour operators suggest that the project is planned to remove them from business since the clients will be able to access the gorilla permits online, this will however affect the tour operators in the way that the tourists who will be booking mountain gorilla trekking safaris will no longer pass through the tour operators.

The tour operators also claimed that the issue of using the smart cards had costed the government a lot of money which would have been used to build the poor roads to the main national parks.

This issue is bound to affect the mountain gorilla trekking safaris since it will be only the government to market the gorillas to the outside world.

The tour operators also claimed that putting the gorilla permits online, it would bring about accessibility to everyone and this would affect the gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda since the tour operators will be pushed out of business and marketing would reduce instantly thus reducing the revenues of the country.

However, the initiative has also got some importance since it will help in marketing Uganda online and many people all over the world will be able to know about Uganda and this will also help in increasing the number of visitors who come for mountain gorilla trekking safaris.

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