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One Year Down the Road; Air Uganda Cannot Be Traced – Uganda Safari News

Air-UgandaTransport is noted to be among the vital components of the tourism package included in a Uganda safari package thus talking about Air Uganda is of particular interest to every industry player.

It can be noted that it would be around this time that Air Uganda would be jubilating its existence in Uganda but following its folding last year, the airline is no more.

The clipping of Air Uganda’s wings by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority following the audit by the international Civil Aviation Organization was to mark the end of Air Uganda operations in Uganda since August 2014.

The withdraw of an operating license curtailed the airline flights both within the country and the outside which affected travelers that tended to use its service including the travelers on safaris in Uganda.

The communication from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority shown that International Civil Aviation Authority Organization had ascertained that airlines certification process was irregular and yet in industry where surveillance was low international set standards.

Therefore, Air Uganda like other local airlines had not passed the audit and as thus could not proceed with operations unless it passes through the process of re-certification.

This was welcomed by mixed feelings especially in a country like Uganda where the aviation sector is not well developed meaning that the flights had to reduce affecting the travel of passengers that wished to undertake safaris to Uganda.

The carrier which was noted by the Transport Minister Ibrahim Byandala as towing to the dangerous line with close misses to accidents ad crash landing not forgetting the failure to present the fleet maintenance documentation could not escape closure as there existed a huge gap in its quality operations.

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