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Nyungwe Forest Park in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

nyungwe-forest - national -park Nyunge National park is the largest block of high-altitude mountain forest left in the whole of East and Central Africa.

The forest is one of the most remarkable ancient forests that date back to before the last ice age. With Rwanda being blessed with only three national parks, Nyungwe National park is one of the best parks where a traveler on Rwanda Safaris can enjoy the views of the beautiful Forest vegetation of African continent.

The park is well-known for its various unique species of primates. The park is home to the endangered chimpanzee primates and this makes the park to be best destination for travelers interested in Chimpanzee trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda.

Besides the Chimps, the park also houses the handsome white-bearded L’hoest’s monkey and it has the largest groups of the rare acrobatic Angola colobus.

Nyungwe forest is the best ornithological site in the land of thousand hills Rwanda and it harbors an approximated number of over 300 bird species.

This makes the park to be haven for tourists interested in bird watching experiences in Rwanda. The remarkable bird species which can be watched by travelers on their Rwanda bird watching safaris include the great blue turaco and a stunning crested bird that calls loudly as it moves from one tree to another.

The forest has a connection of walking and hiking trails which are designed to enable the visitors explore the various resources found in the park.

It has a number of camping sites where travelers can enjoy and have real test of African wilderness .The local people around the park also have unique culture exhibited in different traditional songs, art and craft, dance and drama among others.

All this uniqueness of the park offers maximum and memorable experience to visitors who decide to take safaris to Rwanda’s destination of Nyungwe national park.

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