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Nshenyi Cultural Village; The Epitome of Ankole Culture – Uganda Safari News

nshenyi-cultural-villagePositioned in lush countryside farmland close to the town Kitwe in Ntungamo District, Nshenyi Cultural Village is a rich spot for the travellers on cultural safaris in Uganda.

Nshenyi is physically beautiful marked by rolling hills, savannah grassland dotted with counts of acacia trees which is an ideal environment for rearing the traditional Ankole long horned cattle.

Besides cattle keeping, the Nshenyi people are great agriculturalists with extensive banana plantations along with other subsistence crops which combine to offer the Uganda Safari tour undertakers an in-depth touch of the local way of life.

At one hour’s transfer from Mbarara town, Nshenyi Cultural Village introduces you to the Banyankole culture through homestead visits, experiential touch of the farming practices like milking and cultivating, walks through the local market, schools and the pottery stations of the Batwa.

The nature walks along the Akagera River with the overlooking views of Rwanda and Tanzania are as well fascinating making its exploration while on Uganda tours worthwhile.

But all that notwithstanding, the primary product at Nshenyi Cultural Village rotates around the Ankole cow which the pastoralists Banyankole believe to have been left behind by the supernatural Bachwezi.

The Ankole cow quality and quantity form the centre stage in the cultural traditions of the Banyankole including issues of prestige, bride price and livelihood.

The visit to Nshenyi offers you an opportunity to learn more about the heritage of these cows.

Nshenyi Cultural Village can be explored as part of the Uganda gorilla trekking safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

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