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Al’s Bar

Al’s Bar is located along Ggaba road in Kansanga one of the city suburbs of Kampala famously known for its busy night life. The Al’s Bar is open 24/7 offering all sorts of wines, soft drinks, beers, music and pool table.

It is very lively than ever before in the late hours of the night like at 02:00am as it acts as an end point for several night revelers that are shifting from other night clubs and bars.

Al’s bar is a favorite dancing spot with great music including Hard Rock and Rock Music played by one of the best DJs in Kampala. It is a common spot for many whites some of which are on safari in Uganda.

The Al’s bar is not a soft happening place but rather an active night spot where revelers drink themselves up to teeth, dance till dawn and engage in very active hooking with ladies always available in abundance.

The      Al’s bar might be boring in the early hours of the night as many revelers consider it to be an end of the night spot thus very charming in the wee hours of the morning.

Considering the fact that the Al’s Bar does not close until the last customer leaves justifies its 24/7 operational stand.

The Al’s bar is well stocked with all sorts of drinks that are averagely priced. The food is available on order thus you can always fill your stomach while at Al’s bar. All in all, while in Kampala on your Uganda safari you will find Al’s bar interesting.