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Nightlife in Kampala

Kampala is one of the African cities whose day and night times are always alive. It is safe to move at night in Kampala city unlike other cities in the region.

There is a club, pub or an entertainment center close to every corner of the street where as the music and dancing is part and parcel of Kampala dwellers.

Ugandan music is a blend of happy-pop and happy-reggae and is so uncompromisingly happy. Music played in clubs and pubs is generally a mix of Ugandan and R&B, and dancing is cannot be avoided.

These happening centers tend to fall into three sets that is; Super pubs which are normally highly populated by whites; African style clubby- pubs with pool tables and dance floors and the Real clubs which are similar to European night clubs but highly populated by Ugandans with lots of music, dense beats and great dancing.

Drinking alcohol, wines and beer.
Taking any of these is the culture here in Kampala during the night. Beers, wines and other forms of alcohol are available at every pub and bar in Kampala.

These include local brands like Nile special, Bell Lager, Tusker, Club, Moon berg and Pilsner Lager to mention but a few alongside imported brands from South Africa, Italy, France and England.

Brands like Scottish whiskey, John Walker among others can easily be spotted here in Uganda. It is also quite interesting to try out the locally brewed tonic locally referred to as Uganda Waragi made out Banana juice.

Kampala city has a range of places (pubs, clubs and bars) to hang out from and these include;
Bubbles Olearly’s Pub. This is located on Acacia Avenue and is an Irish Pub in Kampala. It offers genuine hangout with theme nights, wide screens for International sports and cold beers.

Kyoto Restaurant. This is located on Shimon road and at Centenary park serving fine steaks, grilled meats and cold beers. The staff is awesome and the music is averagely loud favoring weekend and evening hangouts.

Fat Boyz. This is situated in Kisementi with mob wines and cold beers amidst loud music. Grilled meats and fast foods are also available and chilling is in cozy furniture. White revelers are always in attendance.

Wagadugu: this is situated close Kisementi and is entirely African. The company is a mixture of blacks and whites all enjoying cold beers and wines which are relatively cheaper than in other areas. The raised terrace offers great night sights of Kampala.

Boda Boda. This is situated on the rooftop of Garden City and is a favorite for the Kampala’s corporate world. The drinks (beers) are cheap coupled with grilled meats, cock tails, fine food, good staff and music. Dance floors and pool tables are available to take you through the night.

Mateos located on Kampala road works 24/7 offering up market cocktails, ice cream, cold soft drinks and beer. It is a perfect place to start your night fun in Kampala.

Kansanga and Kabalagala suburbs are very live throughout the night with a multitude of bars, pubs and clubs including;

Capital Pub. This is a hot spot in Kabalagala comprised of five (5) different bars with pool tables and good music to band the whole night. This grass thatched pub has wooden stools and a ceiling that is high vaulted. It is open 24/7 and the company includes many whites and few Ugandans. Night business ladies are always in attendance.

Al’s Bar. This is found in Kansanga and opens 24/7 serving beers, wines alongside pool tables and music.

It is so interesting in the late hours of the night in Kansanga since most dwellers complete their night trail at this bar.

It’s known for drinking and dancing to the maximum with lots of prostitutes. However be conscious of your property.

Hunter’s Pub. This is also in Kansanga and is famous for its Sunday reggae nights that pull lots of Rastafarian and upcoming reggae artists in Kampala city. The nights are full of grilled meats and drinks.

Half London. This pub is in Kansanga and is more reserved to hangout from with pool table; beers, grilled meats and music. Prostitutes are always in attendance.

Rock Garden. This is at Speke Hotel in the upscale Kampala. It’s an open terrace with bars and restaurants cozy for hanging the whole night.

The adjacent street is a home of prostitutes waiting for men to give them business. The place overlooks Sheraton Hotel. The food is great though expensive.

Club Obligato. This is located along Bombo road at little flowers bat valley complex. It is the best place to watch the Afrigo band – one of the oldest music brands in Uganda live. It has theme weekend nights, visiting Ugandan artists and live band with a recap of 80s and 90s.

Sabrina’s Pub. This is also along Bombo road close to Club Obligato. It has a range of pool tables, bars and a big stage for performances including Karaoke. Ugandan musicians always do some shows there during the weekend.

Rhino Bar. This is at Sheraton Kampala Hotel. It is always crowded and booming on Fridays and Saturdays as the revelers try to gain momentum to hit night long clubs of Silk and Angenoir.
As earlier mentioned, Kampala also has Super clubs whose primary product is dancing. These include;

Club Silk. This is Kampala’a number one dance spot containing two dance floors and fantastic music played by in-house Djs, fine bars and theme nights. Silk Royale section caters for VIPs and contains exclusive facilities for high end clientele. Uganda’s Musicians always check in for a dance.

Guvnor. Formerly Angenoir, it is so far the best night club in Kampala with VIP section and members section (Ange Mystique). It has world class lights, floor and great architecture. Customized nights are also available. It is located in the industrial area.

Club Rouge. This is a re-known night spot and interesting in the early hours of the night. The atmosphere is warm and classy.

Despite the small dancing space, the lounge is always packed and is reputable for hosting international artists like Brick n lace, Shaggy, Sean Kingston is a famous spot and club to visit during the early hours of the night.

Other night clubs include; Amnesia and 9 degrees in Kampala; T1 in Ntinda, Casablanca in Kololo among others.

Comedy nights
There is great standup comedy in Uganda and Kampala in particular. Comedy shows always take place at National theatre every Thursday, theatre factory Hotel Africana, Pablo at Open House Bombo Road on Wednesday and other famous happening places in Kampala.

Live Music and bands
The live band performances from Uganda’s bets artists are part of the night life in Kampala.

Enjoy the Afrigo band at Obbligato, Qwela band at BBQ Lounge every Wednesday at Centenary park, Unplugged show at Club Silk Lounge every last Thursday while the its great at National theatre on Mondays.

Some of the dinning places in Kampala offer live performances to entice their diners.