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New Threats to Mountain Gorillas – Gorilla Safari News

silverback gorillaMountain gorillas have got many threats which have affected the increasing number in their habitants, these threats have greatly affected the gorilla trekking safaris which has also reduced the revenues of the tourism sector and leading to the underdevelopment of the tourism sector.

Mountain gorillas are affected by the diseases which are mainly transmitted from the human beings to the animals and from one gorilla to another. These diseases have greatly reduced the number of gorillas since they have continued to die within their habitants hence affecting the number of gorilla tracking tours to Uganda.

They are also affected by loss of habitants whereby they are displaced from their habitants by the local communities that surround the national parks where these primates stay; this has greatly reduced the number of mountain gorillas in Uganda since it has also reduced the number of gorilla safaris to Uganda.

Hunting is also a great threat to these primates since most of them end up being killed which has reduced their numbers with in the national parks; this has greatly affected mountain gorilla trekking visits to Uganda since most of the groups of mountain gorillas have been disappearing from the national parks.

 Illegal poaching is also becoming a problem to the mountain gorillas since they have been killed when they are still young and this affects reproduction and also reduces their numbers which has brought about reduced gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

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