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New Records for Rwanda’s Tourism – Rwanda Safari News

  gorilla safaris in ugandaThe tourism sector performance of Rwanda has greatly improved in the last few years and this means that the country is continuously earning from the tourism sector and this has also helped in increasing the economic growth of the country.

The increasing numbers of visitors coming to Rwanda have made the tourism sector to be the number one exchange earner of the country.

Rwanda has got many national parks and these are filled with many wildlife species, these include; volcanoes national park which is filled with the many mountain gorillas. it has also got many birding sites which have also attracted many birding safaris.

The introduction of the single tourist visa is to help Rwanda increase its turn over since there will be easy movement of all the tourists in East African countries.

The visa will also help in attracting more numbers of tourists to Rwanda. This will also help in marketing of the tourism sector of Rwanda to the outside world.

The government has put in a lot of efforts in the development and the improvement of the tourism sector.

This has been done through encouraging conservation and preservation of the wildlife with in the national parks so that the number of animals can increase which will help in increasing tour visits to Rwanda.

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